Wyoming State Assistance for Single mothers

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Single mothers who are residents of Wyoming and are citizens of the United States can get a myriad of welfare benefits through various government programs. These programs help with food, rent, housing, healthcare and daycare. Read on to know all the assistance programs in WY.

1. Temporary cash assistance for low income families:

Is your income too low that you are not able to make ends meet comfortably? Or have you lost a job and looking for a little help with money for monthly household expenses? If yes, cash assistance through the TANF program might provide huge relief for your family. Your income needs to be in line with the guidelines to be eligible for these benefits. Application for TANF can be downloaded either online or obtained by visiting the nearby welfare office. Get more details here

2. Receive food assistance through SNAP card:

Food stamps have now been replaced by the SNAP cards that work just like a debit card, and these can be used to purchase food at grocery stores, super markets or any participating store. Apart from food, you can also buy seeds and plants. View the income requirements in this chart and get the application here

If you want to quickly know your eligibility for food stamps, use this pre-screening tool:use now

3. Child Care Subsidy:

Assistance for all families who are not able to afford a quality child care service is also available in Wyoming. This subsidized child care program requires that the family make a part of the child care payment. The amount of daycare co-payment will be based on your income and the number of children in the daycare center. Note that even if you are a moderate income household, eligibility for this subsidy is possible. The goal of the subsidy program is to aid the adults in keeping a job and ease the burden of daycare expenses on a family. Here is the application form for it:Apply

For other details about this, call the local family services office. Here is the contact details for all the offices in Wyoming:contacts

4. Kid Care CHIP:

Parents can get low cost health insurance for their uninsured children through the Kid Care CHIP program. If you had not been able to qualify for Medicaid due to higher income, this health care program will be the perfect choice for them. The principle difference between a private insurance and Kid Care is that you will be offered assistance with the monthly premiums in the latter case.

5. Rental assistance:

Families needing a grant for rent can get assistance through the housing choice voucher program. This is also called section 8 and provides vouchers so that low income families are able to afford safe private rental housing. Here is where you would have to apply for this assistance:Section 8 application

6. Energy assistance:

Besides all the aforementioned financial help programs for the Wyoming residents, the government also offers assistance for heating costs. This is offered through a program named the “Low Income Energy Assistance”. For more details -> link

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