Working 56 hours a week? Is that even possible?

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The sky-touching daycare costs, bills, grocery costs and cell phone bills leave no other choice for some single moms but to work 56 hours a week. Of course, not every single mother faces such a tough time in her life, but the fact of the matter is that many do, and this article focuses on what they can do to climb out of this situation and to have a life with a little “me time” as well.

Increasing your income:

How would it be if your wage doubled overnight? Wouldn’t that salary be enough to quit working 7 days a week and catch your breath after having been struggling for so long? But the real problem is it is impossible for such a steep increase in wage to happen overnight. On the other side, there are a few options for you:

1. Go for opening your own small business – Do not say it is impossible just because you think there is no way this is going to work out. All you need to do is come up with a little money and once you do that, there is a ton of help out there for mentoring. You can find small business related posts in our web site that offer excellent suggestions. Please look them up,

2. Further your education – Do you have a college degree right now? If not, it is time to go back to school. Those with a degree have higher chances of getting a new job that has a far better pay than the one you get right now. Returning to school could be a real game changer for you, especially if you do an extensive research on careers that will suit you[and most importantly, having a better pay] and then dive into a particular major. Do not forget the option of a technical or a vocational school. And in case you do not know, there is plenty of need based aid for adults returning to school and in order to get as much aid as possible, you have to always keep an eye on scholarships given away locally and nationally,

3.Bringing in passive income – Passive income is money earned without having to do too much work to maintain it. If you are concerned about saving money for your children or just want to climb out of working all the time, start looking into passive income streams seriously. You do not have to have thousands of dollars as monthly passive income to become financially stable or to bulk up the emergency savings account. The problem that many face is thinking that they have to save up a lot every month to arrive at a fund that is big enough to lend a hand during needy times. Not everyone can do that. But how about saving even 25 dollars every month and depositing it in an account? It is too little and is not going to help at all, you think? Well, think again. Little drops can make an ocean!

Anyway, i am getting off-topic here. The point is that your passive income does not have to be huge. Any amount of passive income must be appreciated and you must keep trying to build it up to the next level.

It is all about the mindset:

In order to reach a better situation financially, you got to step out of your comfort zone and take charge of your career path. Take things one step at a time and make thorough plans for everything pertaining to whichever way you choose to better your future.

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