Women can start a home-based business using grant money

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Are you going to start a home-based business or a small business not based on your home? If so, it is imperative to remember that several foundations and organizations provide grants for helping with such an endeavor. One of the most crucial things you need to remember about getting approval is that these grants are not given away to everyone who is eligible to apply. There are indeed several grant offers but that does not mean it is enough to be given away for all the aspiring entrepreneurs. This is exactly why knowing the criteria for each and every grant becomes all the more important. Applying for grants whose criteria does not fit you will only lead to application rejection. Even if you do fit the criteria and apply for a grant, there is no guarantee you will receive the award. In some cases, the award might go to a economically disadvantaged person who demonstrates great financial need, while in many other cases, the award will be given based on who writes the most compelling grant proposal.

Know which grants exactly suit your small business:

It is well known that the whole procedure of researching on the grants, applying countless times and waiting for approval will be tiresome. But considering the cash you receive for free, you cannot deny that it is worth the wait and effort. The first step you need to take is sorting out the grants available. Like we indicated earlier, forget the grants that are not catering to your small business niche and apply for those which target your type of business. And if you do not meticulously write the grant proposal, your application will not be favored over others. It will certainly be a tough competition, and you will have to do more than your best to win the award. You can get a hand from a person who has obtained grants in the past and make him go over your grant proposal to see if it is in line with what is expected of it. This will be highly helpful and a confidence booster to yourself before you wrap things up. If your application gets rejected despite all the work done, look at the other available grants and apply for them. Do not fear changing slightly orĀ  writing a new grant proposal if you feel that you can do better. A neat, well-organized proposal is one of the keys to getting a grant for small business.

Note: While coming across grants for your small business, you might bump into several grant opportunities that only consider applications from nonprofit organizations. Such grants are will not be offered to those seeking for-profit small business grants.

A short list of business grants for women to get you started:

Here is a short list mentioning a few business grants given to women starting a small business. Remember that only a few grant offers are listed below. You will need to do an extensive search to ensure you do not miss out on free grant monies.

1. Idea Cafe Small Business Grants – open to African-American women,

2. peaChic grants – a grant open for application by women aiming to launch their business or expand a business.

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  1. sherry lee hunter says:

    I am a single Mother. I have been dragged through the court system for 10 years. I am financially drained. I lost my home in forclosure and was left with all the bills from the divorce. He fought from the beggining because he was suppose to pay one thousand child support and one thousand alimony. I have paid so many attorneys. My ex husband won the custody battle in 2007 November 7,. He was 30,000 behind in support. My children were being abused. the last attorney I paid 10,ooo to and he missed the appeal date. I have been pro-say ever since. I put in custody papers in Feb. 2011 and succeeded in getting the children a private gal. my ex tried to put me in jail . He had a friend that worked at dcfs. She switched a complaint against him and his wife, and turned it against me. MY ex reported me for kidnapping when my 15 year old son ran away. 14 at the time. I called obudsman and had an internal investigation done with dcfs along with calling news channels. finally It was reversed the women along with a few others lost thier jobs. I was not able to see my son from feb- july of 2011. As I was ready to win custody of my two children now 15 year old son and my 11 year old son. MY ex called and told me to meet me at the bank and I could have my children back . So I met him on Nov 18, 2011 and we had a paper notarized giving me the children.
    Of course I was not able to see it before I signed adjustments need to be made. I need some one who could help us.
    I am not working right now I was layed off last year. I am excited to start our lives over. I need to file bankruptcy and we are living in a 2 bed apartment. I would love to have schooling and at the same time open my own business out of a home helping best friends animal sanctury. Animals are very healing and need homes until they can be adopted. This is a dream that I would love to implement. I would also love to write a book for women out there so that it can help them . And I need to tell my story. Please help in any way you can. Sherry Hunter

  2. Sharon says:

    Wow, Sherry you certainly have been through a lot. There are several businesses that can be started with very little money. If you already own a computer, you could become a virtual assistant. That is performing work for your clients at your location, getting the work back to your client (via email) and getting paid. I myself am a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant (I work for Attorneys, not the public) Review your skill set, and get it rolling. Or perhaps you have a creative gift, you can make items to help your friends animal sanctuary…express your creativity and make money at the same time–WIN WIN! Then either set up a website for your product (which can also be done for free thru Blogger and/or wordpress, or go with a virtual artisan mall to sell your goods. It’s up to you. As someone who has had DCFS sicked on me by someone seeking revenge, I know rebuilding is difficult and getting back into a normal routine is MANDATORY to not losing your mind. You CAN DO IT! And I know it seems pretty corny, but it is true what they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’ll check back here from time to time … hopefully this helps.

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