When Single Parenting Gets Tough

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Sometimes I don’t like being a single mother very much. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son more than anything. It’s the fact that I undertake the parenting part of the business completely on my own that often times gets the best of me.

Every once in a while I find myself inwardly complaining about having to parent on my own. This isn’t how parenting is supposed to be, aren’t I supposed to have someone else helping me out with the cooking, cleaning, bill-paying, disciplining?

Let’s face it; parenting a child in general is not an easy task.  Getting down to the basics of my feelings, it’s the fact that it’s me, and only me cleaning up the tears, correcting behavior, making meals, and chauffeuring my child around school that makes me wish there was another person around to lend a helping hand.

But you know what? This is reality. For better or worse, the fact that I’m a single parent isn’t going to change anytime soon.  Prince Charming might never come, and my ex-husband won’t have a change of heart and decide to be a responsible co-parent anytime in the near future.  During those times when I’m disgruntled someone has to change, and that someone is me.

My single parenting status is a blessing in so many ways.  The key to keeping my head straight is to give myself a reality check to remind myself of the blessings that come along with the title of single mother. The truth is my reality could be a lot worse than it is right now.  Remembering this fact is the true secret to keeping my head on straight. I could be unhappy in a bad marriage and even worse, my son could be exposed to a negative family environment.

And guess what? Things change. Yes, sometimes change doesn’t happen as quickly as we’d like it to come, but over time your situation will improve and you’ll get through the hard times.  At the end of the day, don’t forget that you’re not alone. In history there have been scores upon scores of children that have been successfully raised by single parents.

Don’t forget to take time for you in the midst of a busy life. A couple of weeks ago I did something shocking. I mean, really, it was incredible that I was actually sitting down and reading a book after my son went to sleep. Best of all, it was a book that I picked out for myself, not a children’s book! Taking a couple of hours to escape in a pastime that I enjoy was just what I needed, and I think taking some personal time is something that all parents need to do.

At the end of the day, single parenting isn’t something you can change overnight. And that’s ok. Remember to take care of yourself, and most importantly enjoy your children. We can never bring back time, but we can definitely make sure to enjoy the time we’ve been given with them.

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