What to write in a school scholarship essay

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Writing a scholarship essay is a great way for single mothers to get additional financial aid for school. After all, if you do make too much to get grant money for school, you will have to rely on federal student loans instead. In order to take a chunk out of what you have to borrow, you should definitely look into scholarships for single parents.

Creating an Outline

If you don’t write regularly (and sometimes even if you do), it will help to have an outline of your thoughts. Of course the jumping off point is the question they ask for the essay, but use that question and then create an outline to help you organize your thoughts. After all, you probably have a million answers to the question, but if your thoughts aren’t organized, then the reader will be lost, and you will be dismissed. Start with an outline to keep your head straight and focused.

Starting the Essay

When you’re ready to start putting words to your thoughts, it’s important not to focus too much on structure at first. Use your outline as a guide, but often you will find that starting at the beginning of your outline is not always possible. Sometimes you need to start on a point later in the outline before you will come up with the thoughts that are good enough to put in the first part of your essay. The introduction is the most important part of the piece because it’s the hook that will either get you in or keep the reader from even finishing your essay. This is why it’s so important that you put some of your best stuff up top.

Reveal Yourself

Another big part of writing an essay is revealing yourself. This is extremely important because the people and organizations that are giving out scholarships want to get to know the people they are giving money to. If they can’t get to know you through your essay, then they won’t give you any money. Take those walls down and figure out just how much information to reveal. Write honestly and make sure to talk about your achievements as well as a few other personal points. They want to know that they are investing in someone who will make a difference in the world because of the scholarship money they gave.


It’s always important to edit your work. Aside from catching grammatical errors or typos, it’s also important because you’ll think of things you didn’t think of before and be able to reconsider what you did include. After you finish the first draft, step away from the essay for a while and come back to it later. This will make it much easier to see any mistakes you made and also give you a fresh perspective to ensure that the content you have included is exactly what you want the scholarship folks to know about you.

A Solid Conclusion

The conclusion of the article is just as important as the introduction because it gives you a chance to wrap up the essay with a neat little bow. Just as you need that hook to bring readers in at first, you also need a smooth finish that makes them say, “I really want to give money to this person.”

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