West Virginia financial assistance for Single Mothers

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If you are a resident of West Virginia and are a single mom, you could get approved for financial assistance via a lot of programs. Our article here highlights the welfare benefits and how one could apply for them in WV.

1. WV Works [cash assistance to the most needy]:

“WV Works” is a program aiming to help low income families in West Virginia with monthly cash assistance. Assistance is offered to those meeting income requirements and have dependent children in the household. Most needy families face several barriers, the foremost being financial troubles, while they try to become self-sufficient. WV Works aims to dissolve such barriers by providing assistance with expenses to the qualifying families. To apply, visit the county welfare office. Find contact information of a nearby office here – page

2. Did not qualify for Medicaid?

Many moderate income families need to resort to private health insurance after finding themselves not qualifying for Medicaid. In reality, a significant number of such families face hardships with affording private health insurance. Thankfully, the WV CHIP program offers free or low cost insurance to the uninsured kids. If the family income is at or lower than 250% federal poverty level, a low premium has to be paid each month. Read more on the official page of CHIP:WV CHIP

3. Food stamps:

In WV, help with buying food is provided by means of a program called the SNAP. Those meeting work requirements, income and asset limits can contact the welfare office nearby and apply for the same. Once found eligible, a plastic SNAP card will be issued which can be used to access the food assistance. This can be used to buy food at nearby stores.

For applying or get more information on food assistance, visit the local welfare office. Contact list is here

4. Afford quality child care:

Those who are working or attending training can make use of the subsidized child care program to get help with affording child care service. The income requirements have to be met so as to receive these benefits. Daycare assistance offered by the government will only cover a part of the cost. To know the amount of assistance you can qualify for and to apply, visit the child care resource and referral agency near you. For application – child care resource and referral

5. West virginia section 8 housing:

Single parents having financial hardships can apply for section 8 in WV to get rental assistance. The amount of financial assistance offered to help with rent will be based on your gross income and other requirements such as the size of family. To apply, contact your local housing agency. Find contact information on this page – WV PHAs

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