Welfare Benefits for Single Mothers

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The welfare benefits for single mothers are aimed at eradicating the temporary financial problems which many single moms seem to stumble upon in their life. But do keep in mind that these programs are not just open to the single parents but also are available to all families that meet the requirements set by the government. Benefits are offered to those in dire need of help in the form of various programs that cater to specific issues. Such programs include money assistance for underemployed and unemployed, childcare help, food benefits, rental help and free healthcare, among others. In case of cash assistance and food stamps, the benefits are offered directly to the family while in case of childcare assistance and housing assistance, benefits are offered to service provider and the landlord respectively.

You can visit the social services office near you and apply for every program that you qualify for all at the same time. You can also find out beforehand the programs you are eligible for by making use of the “eligibility check” tools found online. This particular tool makes use of your financial information such as income and expenses to determine eligibility and informs you of the same. As an alternative, the case worker at the DHS will be able to go over the information provided and let you know which programs will be able to fit your needs. Requirements and application process for the welfare benefits are discussed below.

Income requirements and documents for application:

The very first step you need to take to get welfare assistance is to know the particular requirements and the documents needed during the application. Online DHS web site will provide clear information on the income guidelines that vary by two factors – family size and your income. Since there are a lot of welfare programs, completing paperwork will take some time. Pay stubs and bank account information will be needed during the application, and above all, make sure that you are having a copy of your social security card.

What welfare assistance programs are intended to do for families:

It is vital to keep in mind that this is only intended to act as a temporary solution for the low income families. If you are a single mother and looking to get help to weather a tough spot in life, welfare will be of tremendous timely assistance. Families who are approved for financial assistance from the government are expected to reach self-sufficiency by making use of the welfare as temporary foundation. Get to know more on welfare through the below page:


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  1. Melanie Bayne says:

    I am a single working mother of two barley able to support my children stuck in a dead end job struggling to pay all my bills put food on the table. working all the hours I can that seem to not get me very far. anything would be a great help and mean alot

    • judy says:

      Do you have any idea how sick and beyond tired US working tax payers are for paying for you young mommies that keep having babies???
      We did not make the babies, but we end up paying for them , as with their medical WHICH I DON”T EVEN HAVE………..Where is the father of these babies?
      If you were in such bad shape financially wise why did you get pregnant the 2nd time…?

      • Kristine says:

        You ignorant fool. Sometimes people need help. You are a complete disgrace. Get off this page.

        • Jamie says:

          Do you think my sister who has a 1 yr and 2 year old and is now pregnant with twins and has never worked deserves to get better medical than some one who works and is contributing to society

          • aspiesmom says:

            You think mothers don’t work? Motherhood is the most important job on Earth.

          • jalil shabazz says:

            sorry about the original message but I will retype it now. You are right! the first person a child sees, get nurtured from, gets love from, gets educated from, learns their emotions from, is mom. Mothers ought to be treasured and honored. They are a very intrical part of creation they are charged with carrying the most preciuos form of life known to the world within their bellys. The job to guide, nourish, and instill values into a free willed person is hard. look at the outcome of our society now as a result of those who think being a mom isnt that important. I believe both woman and men ought to be able to use their brains and skills to earn money, but when it come to having a family I don’t think a mother should put money before nuturing her child, or should have to worry about getting what she needs to raise her children. I also don’t think society should be putting pressure on moms to work and make money when they got babies to guide and take care of. I think mothers should get all the supports they need to raise a child. Especially if they end up being the sole care taker of the child. I am quite sure when times are good a good mom will find herself working again. Please stop coming down on mothers and I am not condoning coming down on fathers either. for those who hate and have a one track mind I pray you don’t ever need any assistance, cause then you will know what it is like for those women who do need help

          • Francine says:

            No absolutely not. A woman who can’t feed one child has no business having four. The taxpayers are tired I know I am

  2. Sindy rodriguez says:

    I just got keep out of my house yesterday, I have a 3month baby am not working at this moment need someone to babysit,, I need help!!! A place to stay I don’t a money to pay my car..

  3. TiaR says:

    its really hard to get help in south carolina i try just about everything. i work 12 hour shift but part time so its very hard im now 24 weeks prego i try to get on snap i was denied twice they said i make to much how i dont know cause my check is 508 every two weeks after taxes and my rent is 554 every month so my second pay check i have to put back 100 to be able to pay my rent leaving me with 400 to pay my other bills light bill car insurance gas and if im lucky ill have 50 for food and i do my best and streach it as best as i can i even shop at the dallor tree but you can imagn eatting all the process food from the dallor tree it make you wonder if your baby going to form normal with out any problems. the only two things i was approve for is wic and medicaid you would think if i was approve for them i would get approve for snap but nope but they did tell me that when the baby is born i would be approve for snap but im having a hard time now. i sit day in and out crying hoping for help but nothing. my job also dont offer maternity leave so im trying to save money for two weeks to heal after labor but i can only afford two weeks and wish i could spend more time with my baby and my other concern is i work night shift and there only day care not a 24 center and how can i work 12hours and having a new born im clueless as to what i need to do on that. not having the baby father support and also not having my family support on the baby so i can truely say im all alone and it scareds me.

    • megan says:

      You should be able to qualify for food stamps. If not then you can go to the food shelf. I know for sure you will qualify for wic. I did when i use to be married to my ex husband and he made about $18 to $20 an hour.

  4. Adra says:

    I’m a single mother in Tennessee I adopted three of my cousin children when the state took them from her. I get no assistance from the state . Is there any help that I can seek in the State of Tennessee I work a low income paying job but that is not a enough with all the children clothes and bills What can I do please help

  5. Ethel says:

    I was laid off and lost my benefits. thought I would be called back to work when school stared have been told that will not happen. found out I have breast concer. The money I get barely pays my bills. Cannot afford gas for may car. And I have had 3 to 4 doc appointments aweek. My daughter who is in middle school I bought school supplies for now we will do with out milk for two weeks. This sucks. The amount of stuff I need to read through is daunting. I just would like help with a gas card and a job.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I am 23 years old from PA. I have one year old twins and am not able to even get a job because I have no way to pay for day care. I am going to school full time and think it is important for my children to be in day care for their development and I need a job to earn money. Please Help!!!!

    • admin says:

      Hello Kathleen. Have a look at our online jobs section here – https://helpforsinglemother.net/legitimate-stay-at-home-jobs-for-moms/

    • Nat says:

      Kathleen, if you are a full time student then there are programs that will help to pay for the living expeses of students. Some even pay for day care. Just keep looking up and not down you’ll get through it.

    • judy says:

      Where is the daddy???? Make him pay for what he made, why is this the tax payers problem.?

      • Roll tide roll says:

        Omg Judy shut up… You do not know these people or there circumstances. People like you have so sense. Oh and I bet your raking in the cash to, huh. Lol, stay off the page if you don’t like it. Have you not learned yet not to judge others.

      • Kira says:

        There are just some people on here that dont need to speak. You have no clue what some women go threw. How dare you keep asking the same question and saying its not the taxpayers problem. Maybe some of these women had children and lost there husbands in an accident, or to a disease. You have no right to judge these women who are asking for help. You never know one day these kids or these women will be the one helping you when your sick or dying. They are trying to better themselves not sit on the help. Did you not learn compassion growing up?
        To all you single mothers keep your heads up and don’t let people like this bring you down.

        • Francine says:

          My daughter and her boyfriend have a little girl . I buy all the diapers, formula and clothing They attend university to better themselves. I don’t plan on doing this forever I raised my three children with my husband and I working When we found out she was pregnant I was devistated. They have to raise their child I got all mine in college and one is a teacher the other a lawyer and she will finish nursing school if not she is on her own I am tired

  7. Diz swt lil chik says:

    I wish and will pray for u all guys for all the help you need. newaiz… i’m just reli pissed off dat u guys reli need da help and sum1 i kno who is jus being really immature at the age of 23 and and spending money on unnecessary items and getting welfare. she chose not to work and just be a stay-at-home mom with her 3 yr old son, while her apartment is being paid for and food stamp from the state. she is currently 8 wks pregnant with her 2nd child. she has a bf that helps her and he is being immature as well. rather than saving money for their emergency or saving for the baby…. they still try to keep their lifestyle… i don’t think him buying her a brand new coach purse or wristlet is very beneficial as her bday gift and buying brand new big screen tvs. oh well it is their life. but i really feel bad for their children who will end up suffering because their parents are most likely to fight about financial matters… like a WWIII between them. this happens on and off again a lot recently. she says that they are more prepared this time. but i disagree coz last time they both worked fulltime and he now works approx. 3-4 days a wk with 12 hr shift and no longer 6 days a wk like their firstborn. he has his own apartment to pay for… really sad that some people still doesn’t grow up. i wanna be a good friend.. i can keep advising her… but she doesn’t seem to care to listen.. her respond was,”right now i don’t want to work and just relax. i don’t want to think about it at the moment.” Wow.. a really mature decision.

  8. lisa says:

    i recieve welare benifits for my boyfriend and i and our child. i am trying to enroll in a college but the welfare where i live in delaware ohio told me thatcollege students are not guarenteed benifits. it makes me mad because i am trying to better myself but someone can have twenty kids just to collece benifits…but me trying to better myself i might lose my food stamps and medical. i thing someone who is trying to better themself should be guaranteed benifits before someone who is doing nothing with their life!

  9. hannah cole says:

    i am 16years old i have a 7 month old baby girl i am married and my husband is in jail for a long time i am trying to get a divorce my house is ruined i dont have a job and i havent finished school because i had an abusive husband who wouldnt let me do anything i am now living with my parents and i have to get out i do no have a car i dont have anything i dont even have my own shoes the clothes i have now is from what people have givin me my baby is growing out of her clothes fast i really need help asap

    • Kimmy says:

      hannah I can completely relate with you. I was beat by my babydaddy my whole pregnancy, when I left him he tore all my clothes and my babies clothes to shreds. I live with my mom too im 17 and i have a 7mon old. email me at layceesmommy22@hotmail.com if you need to talk or need any advice ill try to help you. (:

      • jasmine says:

        Same here I am 19 I have a 3mnth old and a daughter I also was beat on through both pregnancies I have no job no car not even my own clothes I just have 1 pair of shoes and 5 or 6 pairs of shirts & pants

  10. Tiffany says:

    Im 20 i have a 22 month old baby she is my life and i want anything to make her have a great life a better life then i did ..i am trying to get an apartment i am living with my grandmother and granfather plus four other people its a house full yes but that isnt even the half of it my grandfather is a “recovering” alcholic” and out of no where he likes to just snap my cousin jjust got out of prison and he likes to fight and scream and cuz and throw thing things i just run in my room and lock the door with my brother and my baby girl i cant have my baby there where once a week they will deside to blow up …actually today june 17th 2012 fathers day i had my babys father come get her for fathers day i was fine with it as he pulls up NOT EVEN IN THE YARD my cousin and grandfather start hitting him so the cops were called no one went to jail but it just showed how bad i need to get out of ther so me and my brother deside were going to put an app in for the low income apart ments and were eligeble but there is no low income available at the moment so we will have to pay 515 a month which is fine but that wiith all the money me and him have my baby needs thing diapers whips food everything i cant spend child suport money the 73.85 a week on rent when i need it for her and my brother with maybe on a lucky week $230 a week …we have no food stamps at the moment no medicaid and were in big trouble its $1369 to just get in the apartment with lights and water i have looked for a job everywhere i dont have day care so what ever i find has to be at night and that hard to finc expecially in a small town i have no vehicle at the moment niether does my brother alll im asking for is information i dont know where to go or what to do i need to tell someone talk to someone i need help i need infomation i begging for information i think this is the only choice i have right now …please help me thankyou so much for reading

  11. Financial Aid for mother & baby says:

    My granddaughter is moving from Cal to Oregon and I would like to know what is needed to get financial aid for her and her 7 month old baby.

    What kind of paper work is needed, if any, and also if she is on aid her, would she need to get paper work from her worker here ?

    Any help would be very appreciated.

    Thank You, Gail

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