Ways of getting over verbal abuse

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‘A lash with the tongue is more painful than a physical burn with fire’ is a very old adage. But this is true in all respects and stands fresh in our minds even today. It is very easy to recover from a fire burn but getting over verbal abuse is almost impossible. The ugly words that people say to each other keep coming to the mind constantly causing the affected individual to feel totally betrayed and damaged.

Verbal abuse can damage a person’s self esteem and ruin an entire relationship causing a deep wound and an unbridgeable gap not only with the two individuals but in most cases whole families. If one assaults another physically the wounds are seen outward and become obvious that he/she has been physically assaulted. However, this is not the same with verbal abuse, as the wounds are within causing a deep damage to the spirit.

If you have been a victim and are looking for ways of getting over verbal abuse just read on and find out how to get over it.

Verbal abuse is not always justified, especially when it takes place between spouses. In most cases within families verbal abuses become common and habitual that it most of the time goes unnoticed. However, in certain cases they are considered very serious and major changes have to be taken to settle scores with each other.

In such cases the first point to ponder over is that verbal abuse does not justify that one is right and the other is in fault all the time. The abuser should be made to know that his/her words are very hurtful and cannot be accepted by you. Suggest that the pair of you go for a counseling together or separately.

The best way of getting over verbal abuse could be by discussing the matter with close family members or reliable friends and find the right solution. During a verbal abuse phase it is best to remain calm and not get provoked by your abuser. If at some time during a continuous verbal abuse your partner tends to use physical abuse as well, it is best to leave because life is more important than any relationship.

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