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Are there any federal assistance programs that offer utility bill payment assistance?

No. There are no such state or federal programs that you can find for paying utility bills. But for those in need of help with their overdue bills, there is definitely something that one can do to overcome this emergency. To get financial help with bills, we suggest getting help from:

1. charitable organizations and

2. local churches.

These are two options that are definitely within your reach. Organizations like the United Way and the Salvation Army have offered a great deal of help to a lot of people and they can help you with bills if resources are available at the time of your asking. Even if you fail to get assistance from these organizations, you can get to know several other resources locally that have an history of helping with your particular needs. Remember that in addition to the two organizations mentioned before, there are thousands of them across the nation helping families every day. Do not lose hope if you fail to get financial help from one of the organizations. Ask around and rest assured there will be someone out there that will help you deal with a hardship.

As an alternative to a physical visit to these organizations, call 2-1-1 to get quick information on local organizations and resources that offer financial assistance. Once you get through to this number, a specialist at the other end will ask for information on what you are looking for and advise on the same within a few minutes. Apart from the resources mentioned so far, local churches are also known for helping needy families with food, clothing and monetary help from time to time. Even if you are not a member of local church, you can seek assistance at times of distress from churches nearby.

Getting help from Salvation Army:

In order to get approved for assistance, you will have to meet a few requirements, one among them being the household income limits. Aside from offering help with emergencies or bills, Salvation Army also helps in various other ways that could assist you in improving your overall life situation. For more details and contact information, visit this link

LIHEAP – For help with paying heating and cooling costs:

Every time we write an article on state assistance program, we make sure to mention that LIHEAP program is available that can help you with paying for heating and cooling costs. Most are not aware of this particular financial assistance thereby missing out on money that could have helped them at times of need. Apart from the LIHEAP, the weatherization assistance program can help you a great deal if you have been searching for ways to cut down the energy bills. Search for these specific programs in your state for more information on eligibility requirements and application.

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  1. Cameron Mcknight says:

    My name is Cameron Mcknight and I am a single mother. I have one daughter names Brooklynn she is two years old and she is the reason that i wake up every morning. I am a student at Regency Beauty InC. and I start in June this year. I am really needed help because I just left my husband he was very abusive physically and emotionally. I am living with my mother in a one bedroom house. Needless to day there is no room for me and my daughter and I am wanting a better life for me and her then this. I am hoping and Praying that I am able to get on my feet again and start over and also be a influence to somone that is in the same situation as I was in just a month ago. I have grown alot through all this and really needed some type of help to support me and my daughter.

  2. Franckel says:

    Hi there
    I know a single moms of three children she try to go to school, she doesnt have no job, she is living in a motet appartment is any thing you guys can do for her she is really in need. tomorrow she will be out in the street with 3 children please let me know what con do to help her.

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