Top Cheapest And Safest Places To Live In America

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If you are searching for one of the cheapest and safest places to live in America you quickly come to realize that it can be a very daunting task. With the recent crime waves and terrorist threats it has become hard not only to find a cheap state to live in but also a safe one. Here is a list of some of the top cheapest and safest places to live within America.

Texas is at the top of the list for a cheap and safe place to live. Texas offers some of the most affordable housing anywhere within the United States. Another great factor about Texas is that they also have no income tax which allows you to stretch your dollars even farther. The climate within Texas is mild mainly in the winter and warmer than average throughout the spring and summer. The crime rate in Texas does very a little depending on the region that you are seeking but, it is still lower than average. Some of the best areas to live within Texas include the following areas; Denton, North Richland, and Carrolton.

Another cheap and safe place to live in America would have to be Michigan. Although Michigan winters are bitter cold it is still a great place to live. Another great thing about Michigan is that it boasts about being one of the lowest for crime rate within America. Some of the best regions include; Sterling Heights, Wes Bloomfield, and Ann Arbor among others.

The third cheapest and safest place to live in America brings us to Colorado. With their majestic mountains and beautiful scenery it is one of the most beautiful places to live and, one of the cheapest. A lot of people believe that with Colorado being a military state the housing would be more expensive and the crime rate would be higher but, the complete opposite is true. Some of the most desirable Colorado cities to live in include; Fort Collins, Eagan, and Longmont.

Finally our search finishes in the great state of Florida. One of the main reasons why Florida is so affordable to live in is that they do not have any income tax. However, it is true that the soaring interest rates have driven Florida into the higher price bracket you will still find quite a few affordable areas within its borders. Another great thing to consider about Florida is that they offer a lower crime rate compared to some of the other bigger and more popular places. Here are just a few of the great places still affordable within the great state of Florida; Coral Springs, Pembroke Pines, and Mirmar.

Although these are the top places to find the cheapest and safest places within America there are others out there. Places such as Virginia and Washington also offer affordable housing with lower than average crime rates. If you are looking for a cheap and safe place for you and your family go ahead and check out these great states. You will be amazed at the price and the crime rate.

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  1. veronica says:

    Don’t move to Va if you have kids. All it takes is a bunch of lies from a jealous neighbor to have CPS at your door. If they take you to court the lawyers don’t fight it and the judge doesn’t let you speak. We had that happen to us and we had to move. The lawyers told us they were getting the case dropped because it was all lies but we found out later that the lawyers AGREED to all the lies! Thanks to Va we have a record with CPS that was undeserved, ridiculous and unfair.

    • kristen says:

      hey, veronica: I don’t know how to work this, but I stumbled across your comment because I am looking to relocate for almost exactly the same reason — except they TOOK my boy and I did NOTHING: All lies, it’s ruined me for my hometown, my community…I’m devastated. I am writing this in September; I haven’t seen him since 31 July, there’s a protective order against me so I am prohibited from contacting him, I’m a widow, we are so close and it’s pure awful. If I’m lucky, I’ll get visitation (supervised) sometime between now and 12/20, which is when the final order for custody will be determined…NOTHING.
      Anyway, sorry for going on and on, but I’d like to hear your story…you can contact me at yogakristenatgmaildotcom if you get this message.

    • Marilyn says:

      Don’t move to Wilmington NC either. Another CPS nightmare similar to the one you speak of. Also dishonest and vindictive business employees and owners. We were on our way moving out and rented a moving truck and had a contract. Ludicrously we were arrested for stealing this truck. Handed the rental agreement to the cop who was dumbfounded but arrested me anyway. I had to pay $500 bail to get out of jail. Then I was arrested again for felony stealing the truck (3 days later) and they took my kid into CPS while I was in jail for the weekend and that sent me on a long haul to get her back. Eventually all of our stuff was stolen by disreputable movers. This is a nightmare of a place. Southern white trash lynchers, murderous, and stupid to the core. Do not move to the south!!!

  2. Suzie says:

    I live in Longmont. It is not a safe place to live. There are too many areas with high crime rights. There are gangs in Longmont. There are so many illegals here that wages are very low for most of us. Colorado is an expensive state to live in. Unless you are a professional, the wages are very low for most jobs. For Single Moms and/or the working class it is very hard to make a living. House prices are high and rent is even higher. Until we can work out a viable solution to illegal immigration, wages will continue to drop and crime rates will continue to go up. Its too bad because Colorado is a beautiful state. Most of Longmont looks run down. Not a very nice place to live.

  3. Samaria says:

    Veronica, Kristen & Marilyn, I feel your pain. NEVER move to Wyoming or South Dakota for the same reasons. I had neighbors in both places ruin my families lives. Wyoming is the worst, I had to fight for 2 years & they did everything imaginable to attempt to keep me from my children but in the end & 2 years later after massive corruptions I prevailed. Then we moved to SD & it only went downhill. The court system here is corrupt as can be & even though my family was one of the few that showed integrity in the Black Hills all the inbred neighbors with neglected children were left alone & unharassed. Never bring families to either area!

  4. Bev says:

    Thinking of moving to Delaware. Will be moving from Norwalk Connecticut.
    It is just too expensive to stay here.
    Taxes are crazy.

  5. Sara says:

    Florida? Yeah right!! I live in Miami, FL and I am looking to move out of here. Everything has gone up tremendously. Pembroke Pines and Miramar are very nice places to live but EXPENSIVE!! Coral Springs in the other hand, is nice and cheap. I won’t say these places are the safest, but safer than Miami for sure AND we do have income tax.

  6. davis says:

    I am a single mother of 4 boys an looking to relocated to a safe place Chicago has become a place where I cant raise my boys I’m looking for a stable environment fro them especially since my oldest son is now 13 can anyone give me any tips

  7. James says:

    Richmond VA,

    It’s big enough for what you need but not Dallas. Very Safe for kids. Lots to do outdoors. Their is a tax yet it evens out when your activities are hiking, riding bikes. Good luck.

    I lived in Redmond, WA came back to Texas in 95. It’s cheaper to rent a house in New Jersey. Rent and housing is out the roof and it’s hot 110 and humid nothing to do outside.

    This safe place was dated back in 2011!!! Harlingen is a drug ring horrible place. Good night luck. I’m ready for the rapture myself.

  8. Mopar Dee says:

    Clemson,SC . It’s a great place to live. Alot of free lakes to swim at,and college has Alot free things for kids to do. Rent goes from $400 to $1000. Mountains close by,Alot of free camping and hiking there.

  9. zina says:

    Anywhere in Oregon. It’s safe and cheaper, people are friendly. It really depend on the people your surrounded with. I’m a single mother, lived here for 22 years. We have crimes but not as bad as what I see on the news in other places. Hawaii is also another safe place to raised a family but too expensive. Vancouver Washington is another nice place to raise a family if you want your voice to be heard. I haven’t had any problem with this states. Too bad this states didn’t make it in here….Good luck and God bless.

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