Tips for raising a kid while in college

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Attending college has many aspects to be happy about, you meet new friends, have much freedom from home, you are gaining a graduation and specializing in certain skills that would build you a healthy career in future. All these aspects are enjoyed only if you have no attachments like having to raise kids, or taking care of the home front when you get back from college. But if you fall into that category then here are a few tips of raising a kid while in college.

You would definitely want to be a good mother while at the same time get honors at college so you can provide your kid with the best of life’s goodies. College involves a lot of research, reading, writing etc. but the choice of attending regular classes or taking up online classes is purely left to the discretion of the individual.

The option of online classes sounds very effective since you don’t have to engage a full time baby sitter, you will have enough time to focus on your research and studies while your baby sleeps. To keep your kid active even while you are studying, read aloud from the pages of your research paper. This will increase your child’s vocabulary and also its knowledge about various subjects.

Another good way of raising a kid while in college is to seek help from parents, relatives or close friends who would be able to do a bit of babysitting for you while you spend a few hours at the library or the college doing research. If your child is a bit older and able to take care of itself, you can take it to a park to play while you do some reading while keeping a watch on your kid too.

You can try methods like engaging kids in various activities like clay, art and craft, embroidery, cookery etc. if you are raising a kid while in college. Maintain strict eating and sleeping schedules and practice eating together with your kid so the pair of you would have company and you can also save your time to read while your kid sleeps.

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