The Joys Of Singleness

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Being a single mom has its ups and downs. There are times when you are dating and it is hard, or times when work conflicts with your children’s activities. However, when it is all said and done, you enjoy the night knowing you are an awesome mom for being and doing the best you could.

As a single mom, I struggle with the ups and downs, the joys and the sad times, the loneliness. What gets me by and what should get all single parents by, is the sweet smiles our kids give us. When times are tough, our kids give us such great strength and joy. We enjoy their hugs, their smiles, their intense learning.

What brings you joy as being a single mom would be the smallest thing to the biggest thing. Knowing you take care of your kids, being a single parent makes me happy because I make all the decisions for me and my kids. Knowing that being a single parent is hard, but at the same time I get much joy from learning my kids and loving them.

With my kids in tow, being a single mom is tough but very fascinating. The kids are my best friends, they love me, they are both independent and fun to watch, fun to be around, fun to be single with.

My daughter, Jazmen, is talented, strong and very independent. At 17 months, she makes me smile when she reaches for me, and says “eye you” (I love you) and takes after her father’s side in her thickness, but has my sweet disposition. Her love and demeanor suite her and her attitude serves her well for the future. She reminds me that I can handle any problem, that I can be strong for her and myself.

My son, Ezekiel, is a very loving and very patient when it comes to me and his sister, even at 17 months. He is the little man of the house and has a heart of gold. He takes after my family in his long legs, slight frame and his light coloring. My son has a good soul; he reminds me that there is a kind person inside everyone. He cracks himself up and doesn’t get into too much trouble.

Their personalities make me happy and bring me joy. Their presence makes me think of being a single parent all the time and their own ups and downs help me with my ups and downs. Their new adventures, their strong attitudes, their mistakes and learning’s, all these things bring me joy in learning and knowing my kids. I am a single parent, but I am never single in my life. The kids, my friends and family, my workmates, these people are always around and never make me or my life or my kids lonely.

There is a joy in being a single parent; there are struggles too, but mainly joys. Our kids remind us that being a single parent is worth everything else that may (and does) come with being single. It is joyous in the long run to have those memories as a single parent and to enjoy our kids.

Article Written by Erika Swift

Erika Swift is a single mom to twins and works as a full time administrative assistant while going to school to get her bachelors in business. Her blog is and she sells thirty one gifts, a company for women helping women

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  1. Keyanna Lucky says:

    Great job Erika! When i get up in the morn after i thank the almighty, I give a shout out to all the strong women out in the world, because even though we all have our faults i know that if we have one anothers back we are stronger. Lets face it is hard being a women let alone a single mother.

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