The dreaded section 8 waiting list length

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How long is the section 8 waiting list?

Along with the housing assistance programs comes the waiting list – sometimes so long it could literally take years before your turn. The length of the list varies from state to state, and it is hard to give you an estimate as to how long you will wait for local assistance. People who have been waiting three or four years just to get assisted are not uncommon. In fact, the waiting time depends on many factors. Remember that it is not just a simple “first come first served” type of program. Instead, high priority will be given to families who need it the most. Single mothers with dependent children might be able to receive this kind of priority and get faster access to housing assistance. You can also get further information by calling your local public housing agency.

What to do as a single mom when all doors seem closed?

It will be a huge predicament and frustration when, as a single mom, you are not able to afford housing in your area and also put on a waiting list for the voucher. If you are trapped in such a financial situation, we suggest these:

1. Moving to another state – In some states ,the rent is just so high that it takes a huge chunk out of your income. Many single parents find that they barely meet all other expenses on account of the growing rent. Moving to a place where the rent is much more affordable can do wonders for your financial stand,

2. Moving in with another single mom you know in the vicinity and sharing rent would not be a bad idea if you are unable to move to another state. Read more in our article dedicated to that topic here:sharing rent and expenses ,

3. Have you checked the state of other agencies?:

If the housing agency serving your area has stopped accepting applications or will not be able to help immediately due to waiting list, we suggest that you check the state of other agencies. As HUD clearly states that agencies might put the needs of locals first, do not be surprised if your application gets rejected. On the bright side, if the demand for housing assistance is low, you might get assisted.


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