Surviving school during the day and a job at night

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After much thought and reflection, you have arrived at a decision about going to school as a single mother. You are about to battle the game of school during day and job during night. It will be no less than a battle, considering you are going to juggle a lot of things while you are trying to get a degree. But how does one go about such a thing so that they will not just be able to survive it but also come out with flying colors. Is there really something that one can do to alleviate the hardships or at least minimize their effects that come along with such a period. This is the sole focus of our article here.

Move close to family:

Yes, that’s right. But some might ponder, “ is it even possible? ” or ” is it worth it? “. When you are miles away from family, this idea will not seem viable at all. If you give it some more thought, you will understand the plethora of benefits you will get to enjoy by opting for that option. Maybe not taking that option itself might be enough for you. But as we said earlier, this article is not just about survival but it is about making it as comfortably as you can. Consider it. Do you have family who will be nice enough to give you a hand when you are trying to accomplish something that will help you throughout your life and put you in a position you have always envied and dreamed of achieving. Getting into a school is by no means an easy decision. Many think of that but only a few take the gauntlet. Pat yourself for being one among the few who has decided to fight it out for bettering your own financial situation.

How do you think you are doing with the job?

Finding a job is hard these days. With the economy yet to be repaired, trying for a new job might seem out of the question for many. But it is an option for everyone nonetheless. There is no harm in trying, is there? If you find yourself to be in a lot of distress just because of the work pressure and the work hours, it is time to move on. Of course, that does not mean quitting and then looking for a new workplace. Start your search while you are still employed. Even if there seems no hope of getting employed at another place, the more effort you put in, the better results you could get. It is no exaggeration that a lot of distress for a lot of people results from a job that they do not like to do. If you are in such a position, there is no harm in looking for one that could be a source of zero to less stress. If you are a creative professional, look for job opportunities you could do right from home. For example, if you love to do web designing and deem yourself to be good at it, you will find a lot of opportunities out there. Go grab opportunities instead of waiting for them to fall into your hands. If you are interested in work from home jobs, have a look at our resource page on that topic here – legitimate jobs from home

Speaking of college degree, if you have not yet chosen a school , ensure that you consider the options of campus as well as an online school. A degree from an online school has started to get the same recognition that the counterpart does. But at the same time, you will have to make sure that you are joining an accredited online school. Look around our web site to get information pertaining to getting a hand with the school tuition and other expenses. A lot of foundations and the government realize the pressure a single parent is bound to face just before pursuing back to school. This is the exact reason why aid is available for single moms trying to make it through school. Unless you reach out for help and apply for all the available aid out there, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits you deserve.

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