Study While Working Full Time: The Balancing Act

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Studying and working at the same time is quite a fete for most people. Though most students avail of financial assistance of loan grants, they still find themselves working in order to make both ends meet. It is really difficult to study while working full time.

In having to juggle your time between working and pursuing a college education, the key is to always stay organized. It is wiser to be aware of your schedule in advanced. It is still possible to balance the two together and have spare time to spend with your family and friends.

It is important that you already know your work schedule at least two weeks in advanced. The same way that you need to be aware of the assignments and exams schedules for each of your class. This is quite easy if you have a fixed schedule at work, all you need to do is play around that schedule. However, if you have a changing schedule at work, you need to plot a schedule for all your activities each week, and remember to stick to that schedule. You also need to learn to manage your schedule so that you still have time to spare to study on your previous lessons and to get ready for exams. It will not be good for you if you keep on cramming each time.

It would also help you a great deal in coping with your situation to be able to establish a balance in a life where you need to work for paychecks and grade point averages. Look at your time as blocks and each time you’re in a particular block, focus only on the task at hand. For example, free your mind of an upcoming exam when you are at work. Do not let yourself get distracted. Just the same, when you are at school, don’t think of deadlines and other work related issues. Make it a point to set aside some time to study for exams. However, do it strategically. Do not schedule a study session after a 12-hour work schedule; chances are you do not have energy left for that.

It really is quite difficult to study and work full time; however, if you know how to balance your time, nothing is impossible.

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