State Help and assistance for Single Moms

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Being a single mom is very difficult, but there are plenty of state resources available to help you out. The issue is that many single moms don’t even realize what’s out there in the form of government aid. It should all start with the question of what you want to do. If your needs are as simple as being able to put food on the table, there is a program for that. If you want to go back to college, there are funds available for that. All it takes is a little research to find out how you can be helped.

Food Programs

One of the very first things single moms often worry about is simply being able to put food on the table, but there are several options to help all mothers make sure that their children are getting healthy meals. WIC, or Women, Infants, and Children, provides food assistance for mothers and their babies. It’s a nutrition program for pregnant and new mothers, ensuring that moms can afford to buy healthy food for themselves and their children. Mothers who are pregnant or who have children under the age of five can qualify for the program based on their income.

The National School Lunch Program ensures that children will have a healthy and nutritional lunch at school. Any child whose family is receiving food stamps automatically qualifies for this program. Being enrolled in a Head Start or Even Start program also qualifies a child for this program. The program can result in free or low cost lunches for the children or simply in free milk, depending on the mother’s income.

Financial Aid for School

Single mothers who wish to go back to school should file their FAFSA, and the government will determine how much, if any financial aid they are eligible for. The federal government usually runs the numbers first and tells you how much aid you will receive that year, and then the state runs the numbers and awards you with an amount for aid.

This aid covers everything from college tuition and books to housing expenses, so this is a great opportunity for single mothers to go back to school if they desire to do so. Colleges with family housing make it even easier for single mothers by providing a support system in the form of childcare, play groups, and other opportunities for families.

Housing Grants

State help for single moms can also come in the form of housing grants from the government. First time homeowner grants are available to help pay for the down payment on a house, closing costs, or a few other costs associated with buying a home. Usually the amount of the grant ends up being less than 10 percent of the actual price of the home.

Federal housing assistance is also available in the form of state assisted housing, which basically means that the government helps pick up the tab for your rent each month. Government subsidized apartments, public housing, and other options are available for mothers who simply do not think they can afford a place for themselves and their children. In some cases, mothers who are living in state assisted housing can qualify for even more help in the form of first time homebuyer grants or other home buying assistance that is geared specifically towards people who are currently living in state assisted housing.

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