Small business grants in Florida

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Have you made a decision to start a business in Florida but need financial assistance from either the state government or foundations to get started? If yes, you have landed in the right place. We offer pointers in our article here to those in need of funding for their small business.

Finding funding offers:

Although grants are offered to small business owners, the fact of the matter is availing yourself of one is not easy. This can be attributed to the facts that there are thousands of business owners competing for every grant, and there will be only a few grant offers out there that cater to you. Typically, if you are a minority, you are bound to find more grant opportunities in contrast to others. Even if you apply to these grants, there is absolutely no guarantee you will be offered the grant money. The best you can do is start well before the application deadline and work on increasing your chances of winning the award. If information on past award winners in posted in the official web sites, go over what made the foundation give the award to them. Know the true intention of the very existence of  particular grant as well as the foundation. A little diligence on your part can be a lot of help to yourself in the process.

Making every effort to stand out from the rest of the applicants must be done if you are serious about getting the small business grant. A perfunctory approach to grant application will ruin your chances at the end.

In addition to looking for grants established by organizations, you can also look for grants offered by your county’s Economic Development Office. Grants are offered especially to businesses that have the potential to create significant number of jobs in a particular community.

Here are links to a few resources offering more details on small business grants in Florida:

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