Single parent Salary: Growing your career and finances

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You’re a single parent and you’re always concerned about making ends meet. Well, let’s stop worrying and start doing! Take those steps, even small ones, to elevate yourself and your family.

I know that being a single parent can be very overwhelming at times. I raised two girls who were 18 months apart. So there was a lot of sibling rivalry. I realize many parents may just want to come home from work, take a deep breath and sit down. But sitting on the couch is not going to boost your career or finances. It is also not going to make your future secure. Personally, when I was a teacher, I was also able to do some tutoring on the side. This paid well enough for the extra time. Even after I left teaching I was able to continue tutoring for some time.

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Take online seminars and read the latest book of your field. Online education is perfect for single parents. Taking the seminar from the comfort of your home around your schedule is the best option for moms. If you’re worried about paying for it then please see the information and guidance later in this article. Also make a point to ask your boss how you can be of more value to the organization. Whatever the answer, do everything in your power to make it happen. Additionally, look for a manager or co-worker to mentor you. Doing both of these will show your employer that you are serious about your job and becoming more valuable to your company.

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What does your current budget look like? If you don’t have a budget, please click on the links below for some great beginning spreadsheets. Take a look and review your budget, find an additional $20 or $25 a month. This may not seem like much but $20 times 12 months gives you $240. This is enough money to pay for webinar, subscribe to periodicals in your field or set aside for a college course. You should also look for other ways to cut from your discretionary funds and move those monies into your personnel growth plan.

Single parent budget worksheet

Live STRONG Budget

Biblical budget


“Where there is a will there is a way”. Do you really want a change in your life? If you are too busy making excuses then you won’t make any headway. Are you looking at craigslist or What about online billing for doctor’s offices? How about starting to sell on EBAY? These are just a few ideas to get your mind thinking creatively. You may not have a second degree or the required education to tutor but there is some area that you can garner a second income. If you are still not convinced, conduct research online to find more ways to earn.

There are thousands of single moms who wish they had more income. Do something about yours today! If we spend our life assuming that things won’t change, we very often will get exactly what we expect.

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Article Written by Allison Jarman
Although recently married, Mrs. Jarman spent 17 years as single parent. She is the proud mother of two adult daughters. Mrs. Jarman was a classroom teacher in public schools and currently works in accounting and finance. She is a twice published author and weekly contributor for articles pertaining to single parents and families.

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