Single moms living together and sharing expenses

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Is single moms living together really a good idea?

One of the questions that gets asked by single moms every now and then is whether living together with another single mother really a good option or not? And the answer, for many reasons, is a resolute yes! No matter who says otherwise, the testimonies of hundreds of single mothers who have started to take that route already says that it is a downright good option. On the other hand, that does not mean this kind of arrangement will be totally smooth right from day one. Remember that there is always a chance of children of both families not getting along really well, which might eventually lead to returning back to the original position which is living alone all by yourself with the kid.

How to look for moms in my area looking to share a home?

The best, since it is free, is to post on active mom forums. There are very few people not scouring the Internet these days. Not leveraging that power would be a bad idea. Another option, which has been featured in web sites like the “Time” itself, is an online service named the This service is free, too, and helps you to connect with other moms who are having “living together” as an option in their mind right now. All you need to do is to fill out a profile and wait for private messages to reach you from the other member moms. Or, of course, you can march ahead and find profiles that suit your taste and ask if they would be interested in living together. There are plenty of reports posted up in the Internet that shows without a doubt that mothers have experienced less days of stress and frustration because of another helping hand at home. So, if you have been hesitating about going forward with apartment sharing, do not. Go ahead right today and look for a mom that matches your profile.

What advantages does a mom get through this?

Very many. Here is a short list for you to get a gist:

1. Sharing the babysitting expenses,

2. Getting help with the chores at your home,

3. Needless to say, affording a better home through pooling the resources,

4. Emotional support – this certainly comes under one of the major reasons for taking up this option. When you are all alone for months or years, there are high chances of getting through a day or even an entire week when you just feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with your life situation. At such times and also every day, the other mom will be by your side offering you support, knowing that when she goes through a similar day, you will do the same for her.

5. Last but not the least – Financial support.

Still unsure of the pros?

Then,you must have a look at the success stories posted online. Here is one, courtesy the web site:

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  1. Adam says:

    Sharing a place with someone may only help depending on the type of income and the rules associated with it. My friends grants are hugly docked if she has a room mate or if she gets a job to help with expences. Yet after tuition costs are paid, the amount left over for living expences is not enough to pay the bills, and cover food or needed medications.

    I believe the government grant programs for single moms has are flawed in may ways because if the rules and restrictions associated with them….

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