Single Moms Dating Single Dads

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Dating is difficult no matter who you are, but if you are dating and have children, you have even more issues and considerations.  Single moms dating single dads may seem like a dating relationship made in Heaven, but you are not just dating the single mom or dad.  You are also dating their children and they are dating your children.  By realizing this and going with the flow of this dating relationship, you may be able to find a partner for life.  What do you need to consider when you are a mom or dad who is dating?

You are a family dating a family.

Even if you spend time alone with the other person, you are essentially dating a family.  Single moms and dads come with a lot of baggage and most of that baggage is bundled up in their dear and precious children.  By keeping the kids at the forefront of your relationship and your lives, you can better ensure that they are taken care of and feel safe and secure.

You are not his kid’s parent.

Even though you are dating, you need to remember that you are not his or her kid’s parent.  Even if you have been dating awhile, you have no real say in how the other parent raises their children, unless you are asked your opinion.  Don’t correct their children.  One thing you do want to insist on is respect, however, but this is a two way street.

You are in essence replacing a parent.

Even if their other parent is not really in the picture, the children will feel as if you are trying to replace their parent and this is something you need to realize and come to terms with.  This is why you want to let the other parent do the parenting and why you do not put down their other parent.

Be nice to the kids.

This should be a given, but you may think the only person you have to be kind to is the one you are dating.  This is not the truth.  You need to be nice to the kids.  Do it in a genuine way, however, because kids know if you are being honest or not.  Being overly nice is not necessary, but a respectful kindness is.

Don’t sleep over.

It is probably a good idea to refrain from sleeping over while the kids are at home until you are married.  While you may think that this does not matter, is it an example that you want to set?

Single moms dating single dads can be the beginning of a new life for you and for all of the kids involved.  It is important to be respectful, thoughtful, and use your best instincts in dating and taking care of your children.  By doing this, you can better ensure that you are able to have a successful relationship and keep your children feeling safe and happy in addition to making it a fun experience for all involved.

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