Single mom shelters while homeless

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Single mom shelters:

Are you on the verge of losing your home? If yes, please make note of these organizations that could help you with shelter, food and clothing. Do not fear the imminent difficulties you are about to face. They, undoubtedly, would be hard to stomach, but you will come out stronger than ever. Make the most of whatever resources you can find to get yourself out of the financial crisis. If you have not yet applied for welfare, read our page on the same here – welfare benefits

A list of non-profit organizations and shelters:

1.Samaritan House: is  a NPO providing not just shelter but also free food, clothing, health care and counseling services to people in need of help,

2.Carpenters’ Shelter: helps the needy to get back on track to self reliance,

3.La Puente: Another NPO that gives emergency shelter in addition to job training and food assistance,

4.St. Matthews Soup Kitchen & Homeless: Offers shelter, hot meals and food pantry, among others,

5.Bay Area rescue: Emergency services are offered to women with children. Visit this page to get contact details for the same: link

6.Open Door Mission: Helps families and individuals meet basic needs. Food and clothing are also provided to people in need of a shelter,

7.Siena Francis:Both men’s and women’s shelters are available.

Please note that we have only listed a handful of helpful organizations. You will surely find several locally that can help you with overcoming homelessness. If you need information pertaining to local assistance immediately, we recommend that you call 2-1-1. This line is dedicated for anyone who need emergency help to meet their basic needs.

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  1. shaniess scott says:

    hi my name is shaniess scott im 20 years of age and I have two kids in looking for a safe place to stay I am homeless and have no where to go please help

  2. Alice says:

    I just was released from the hospital I’m 8 months pregnant I live in San Bernardino, but need shelter for today. I have been homeless for a year, but have temp shelter in SB. I am with my 8 yr old daughter with no where to go

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