What should I expect from such a relationship

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It is a fact of life that the older a man gets the more likely he is to meet a single woman that is also a mother. More people are choosing to have children before marriage, or choosing divorce when they are unhappy with their partners. Blended families now outnumber traditional families, so it is important to recognize the issues that may come about when dating a single mom.

How much time are you willing to sacrifice for your new love?

Single people without children usually only have to worry about their job taking up their time. When the work day is over with single people are free to enjoy their day however they please. The typical day for a single guy may go something like this: go to work, get off work, go home, call the pretty lady friend to hang out, grab a drink, dinner at a restaurant, watch some movies, cuddle, and have sex. Repeat 7 days a week. When you are a single man dating a single woman without children the world can revolve around the two of you. You can go to each other’s homes turn off the phones and just listen to each other all night. If you are more outgoing you can dance the night away until 2:00 in the morning. When you date a single mom, be prepared to sacrifice some of these things that make you happy.

Be ready to share her with her children

It is human nature to want to feel like the most important person in your partner’s life. It is not selfish to want your partner to yourself. The important thing is learning to overcome the natural urge of wanting to be the center of your new love’s world. The typical day of a man dating a single mom may go something like this: you get off work, you call her and she invites you over, you watch TV with her, while her kids watch TV in the other room or play outside. She cooks dinner; the kids go to bed, and then you and her go to bed.

You will not be able to hang out like you would if you were dating a single woman without children. Sometimes the kids may go to their dad’s house or he may not be in the picture. She will need to get a sitter before she can go out and have couples time with you.

Why date a single mom?

With all the limitations on the relationship you may be wondering why you should even date a single mom. There are several reasons why. She may be more understanding and less demanding than a woman who does not have children. For most women being a mom humbles them in some way. The single mom may not get upset when you can’t go on a date with her because your nephew has a basketball game that he wants you to attend. She will understand because she knows there will be times that she will not be able to hang out with you because of other commitments that she needs to attend. You should also date a single mom because she may be the perfect woman for you. You may want a family with her one day and love the children that she has already as your own. If you can handle not being number one in her life and sharing her free time with her children. You may find that your dream woman is a single mom.

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