Are there scholarships for foster and adopted children?

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Are there really any such specific scholarships for adopted children and former foster youths?

Yes, some financial aid opportunities are only open for application by adopted children and former foster youths. Aside from applying for financial aid through FAFSA, they can also make use of all other aid designed specifically to help them get through college. We have listed a handful of such offers and ways to pay for school below:

1.Tuition waiver:

In many of the states, the tuition waiver program is available which helps the foster children and adopted children to enter college without worrying about the tuition fee. To know if this is available in your state and for more details about the same, read this article at

Tuition waiver programs

2. Do not forget the financial aid office:

Getting counsel from the financial aid office at schools is an easy and efficient way to gain information on scholarships and other ways to pay for college. Make use of it to ease up your search efforts and to maximize your chances of receiving financial aid.

3. Scholarships and grants for former foster youth:

Another opportunity for former foster youths to receive aid for college is help through “Foster Care to Success” – FCS, a national non profit organization. Aid is offered by means of several programs which are administered by FCS and funded by federal government, state government or private contributions. You can find more details about the specific programs here:

4. NFPA Scholarships for foster youth and adopted youth:

The NFPA scholarship program is open for both former foster youths and adopted youths who wish to pursue education in a college, vocational or technical school. Read more here –

4 Responses

  1. jordan johnson says:

    i was in foster care until i was 10 yrs. old and i would like to know if i would be able to recieve a scholarship even though i was adopted at age 10.

  2. DJ Seely says:

    I was in foster care for a little bit and then adopted by my grandparents am I still able to get a grant in order to help pay for my college to further my knowledge?

  3. DBWalker says:

    I have 3 children that were my foster children that we adopted. Two have graduated from high school and want to attend college. We are in California. Is there anything available to assist them?

  4. Deborah Sampson says:

    I adopted my daughter at birth. She is 20 years old now and is planning on going to Beauty School. We have found the school that she would like to go to. We live in Arizona. Is she eligible for scholarship or grant money to go to school?

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