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There is no denying that getting a college degree will help single moms get a job with good income. But going back to school is not all about making time for going to a college or university. Many single mothers are in great need of financial help to manage the college tuition costs plus other expenses and would like to get scholarships to help pay for college. And thankfully, there are several of them being given to adults desiring to go back to college based on their financial need and merit. It is most important to read the eligibility requirements of the scholarships before applying for them. You will have better chances of getting your hands on aid if you apply first for those tailored to your specific needs or merit. The financial aid officers at the colleges will be helpful in telling you how you can manage paying for college when a shortage of cash is standing in your way. As the amount of aid information in the Internet could be overwhelming for anyone, getting assistance from these aid officers will certainly go a long way in fetching you scholarships.

Qualifying for the pell grant can give you significant amount of money to start on your path to graduating college. But one has to bear in mind that there are strict requirements to quality for these grants. In the case of pell grants, it mainly depends on the EFC – the expected family contribution. If the EFC is quite high, the application reviewer would figure that you could pay the college fee quite easily, and this would cause the application to be rejected. Whereas if the EFC is low, and if the application reviewer concludes it will not be enough to pay for college, the grant or scholarship award will be granted to you. You can make use of both the federal and the state grants while you are in the process of finding aid prospects. Since this is free money, there would be absolutely no need to pay it back unlike the case of loans. Also keep in mind that the requirements for the federal and the state grants will vary. Above all, time is of the essence while getting approval for the applications. Make sure that you begin the search for aid much earlier than others which will in turn give you more time to come up with plans for college.

Coupling the loans, grants and scholarships will go a long way in providing financial assistance to you so as to complete the college degree in fine style, and without minimal debt on your side.

Where to go from here?:

1. Search for scholarships through fastweb. With a personal profile inputted into the system, the scholarship opportunities presented every now and then via e-mail will be tailored to you, and that would mean greater chances of getting the college scholarship without much hassle. Visit the site here

2. Grant opportunity for the undergraduate students with lower EFC [Expected Family Contribution]:link,

3. This might be obvious: Apply for FAFSA. You will get to know the EFC through it, and needless to say, it is the major requirement for many of the other scholarships you will come across in the near future,

4. Meet the financial aid counselor at the school you are thinking of attending and get to know what suggestions he has to offer,

5. Do not forget to look for college scholarships given away specifically to the minorities. Look for aid given to women going back to school but do not fall for the grant scam web sites [do read our post on the back to school scams if you do not understand what we are talking about]. Here is a place to get you started on the track: Education aid for women. This particular scholarship is given to low income women who are pursuing a degree in the regionally or ACICS accredited school. Another resource here:finaid

6. Some colleges are known to give away scholarships to single parents in particular. Here is one which fits that category:College DuPage single parent aid. You might want to scour the entire college list to see if there is a college near your area where scholarships for single moms are given,

7. Have you thought about employer tuition reimbursement programs? If not, now might be the time to see if it is a feasible way for you to get the college education you most need. If this option is within your reach, we urge you to consider it as that would cut down the traditional educational expenses significantly,

Are you over 35?

In case you are over 35 years old, check out the Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund. Most of you might already be aware of this particular aid on account of its popularity. But for those of you who hear about this fund for the very first time, these scholarships are awarded to adult women who have the burning desire to get a college degree by going back to school but are stuck with finding school scholarships. Over 1 million dollars have already been awarded as financial aid till date, and if you want to be one among the women benefited by this fund, get started here by becoming informed about the eligibility requirements.

Did you get your high school diploma or GED 10 years ago or more? If yes, apply for a 10,000 dollar scholarship here:

A $10,000 dollar scholarship would certainly help a lot in funding the college education for a mother. Just because it has been a long time since you received your high school diploma does not mean you got to give up your dreams of getting a degree. In order to pave your way to getting graduated, make use of the aid given by “Talbots Charitable Foundation”. If you got your high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma 10 years ago or more, apply for a scholarship through the program named “Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund”. Keep in mind that only women who are planning on getting a bachelor’s degree from four-year college or university can apply for the aid. As for the amount and the number of scholarships, six $10k and 60 $1000 scholarships are given to the students who demonstrate financial aid and meet the aforementioned requirements.

Planning on pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Accounting?

If you are planning on pursuing an Accounting degree, apply for the “Women In Transition Scholarship” which is the aid catering specifically to women going back to school. As for the aid amount, once your application is approved, you will be able to receive up to $16,000 dollars over a period of four years. As an adult, returning to school is no simple task, and in case of single mothers, the task becomes almost insurmountable for many. But plenty of private organizations recognize the barriers holding back women from achieving the most and have come forward to help with the expenses. To get more information on the same, read this page : linked

Stuck with finding money for completing the college education?

Maybe you started off really well with the aid and other funding in hand but are now facing financial hurdles in the third and final year of your college. The good news is that there is aid available out there catering specifically to students who are in such a position. The scholarship is named “Women In Need Scholarship” and you can apply for the same by downloading the form, filling it out and mailing it – links

Academic scholarships from Emerge:

Emerge helps women going to school with scholarships which are given away based on not just the financial need but on other criteria as well like the life goals and the essay content. Get the application forms and the eligibility criteria information here : EMERGE

Have you had a two year break in education and planning on returning to college?:

For women who have had at least two years break in education and are trying to go back to college, aid is available specifically catering to them in the form of  “Fresh Start Scholarship”. As the name indicates, help is offered to students aiming for a fresh start at school after lapse. One of the important requirements that needs to be met to apply for the same is that the student has to be enrolled in an accredited Delaware college and has to be at least 20 years old. Read more about the detailed requirements and other information here – link

Did we miss something?

Please feel free to drop us a line through the comment section and let us know what we need to add. This article will surely be updated from time to time as we aim to keep up-to-date school aid info in our site. Thanks for checking us out.

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  1. yodit demamu ayele says:

    my name is yodit am 23, i work as a med in lebanon.beruit.
    and am a single mom.
    i relly wan’t to chang my life and to live better with my baby girl she’s now 5years old..she live with my family in ethiopia,addis abeba….
    all i can do is now work here and send money every month. i feel like my life is over,so is there any thing, u can do for me.
    i don’t know even just sad.and i don’t wan’t my life to b like this am young and i can do better.
    so plsssssss.
    let me know.what u think.

  2. Hilary K Fiorill says:

    I want to go to the police academy in January 2012. But I have to put myself through and can not afford it. What can I do? Which grants and financially assistance can I apply for?
    I am below $10,000.00 a year income and recieve to child support. Please help guide me in the right direction.
    Thank you so much.

    • admin says:

      Hello Hilary. Have you already begun using . If not, i highly recommend it. They send scholarship information relevant to you and it will reach your e-mail inbox as it becomes available. And the best part of it all is that it is free!

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