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Having discussed in detail a plethora of assistance programs, we have crafted this article with the sole aim of providing a comprehensive compilation of links to resources that could help during trying times. Note that we have not gone into detail on account of the same. Please visit the links provided or search for more information on a particular resource in our site to get details. If you feel we have missed a resource, please feel free to point it out through the comments section at the end of this post:

A. Financial Help – assistance programs and government grants:

1. Find Grants:

2. Find College scholarships:

College Loan


3. Government assistance programs:

Search for social services contact detail =>DHS local office . Once you are into your local DHS official site, you will be able to obtain information on cash assistance, food stamps program, child care assistance, home energy assistance, rental help, public housing through the HUD and more.

Call 211 =>By calling 211, the worker at the other end will be able to pin point the agencies that could help you. This will be a quick way to get informed about help locally.

4. Charities that could help during needy times:

Largest US charities

B. Emotional support:

Online support group for single mothers=> link

Message boards for moms that are active(as of December 30, 2010)=> Link

C. Eager to launch a small business?:

SBA loans=> [Remember that SBA does not give out grants to individuals]

Free business expert advice=> Get free mentoring and training which, unfortunately, many are overlooking: SCORE

Search for the economic development agency in your state to see what kind of assistance they can offer you. But do keep in mind that finding business grants is not going to be a easy ride as opportunities are limited: Site

D. Free legal advice:

AVVO is one of the best sites for getting free legal advice. Access it here:AVVO

E. Want to find a job you could do right from home:

Read our article on legitimate jobs that moms can do just by working from home:Legit stay at home jobs. We are working towards this making this resource bigger.

F. Cut down housing expenses by sharing apartment:

Coabode => Find a single mother who suits your profile to share a home with her.

G. Small, easy approval loans for low income individuals:

Recover from trying times through KIVA

H. Budget planning:

Free personal finance software=> MINT

Do not underestimate the impact a well planned budget can have on the lives of your children and yourself.

I. Receive totally free stuff from people in your neighborhood through freecycle:

Freecycle – Join your local group on the web site and see what you can find that is ready to be given away for free. No matter what kind of item you need, you can post it on the group and wait for a response. Stuff given away ranges from books, clothes, furniture to tv.

J. Get a suit for your job interview:

Worried about not having a suit for yourself while the interview is just hours or days away? “Dress for Success” is a non-profit organization that can help women in need of a proper attire for the upcoming interview. In addition to this, you can also receive help through their mentoring programs or even assistance with your job searches. Get more information on the available assistance in this page: links

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  1. Marie says:

    I am a single mom and looking to get assistance in paying for a writing course for children’s literature but have no clue where to find any help or where to start. The program is for 12 months and the total tuition is $731. It is through the Institute for Children’s Literature and after getting my diploma, I will have earned 6 credit towards any continued education if I plan to get a degree in writing. Please point me in the right direction anyone so that I may be able to start before March 7th 2012.

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