Is raising a boy without a father easy?

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Single mothers are forced to take many roles, especially when raising boys. They become the sole bread winner, guardian, role model and the best disciplinarian for their boy. However, it has been proved that it is not very easy raising a boy without a father as they are exposed to many challenges in life and many boys raised by single mothers have similar traits in behavior.

On the other hand, boys raised by both parents show better behaviors, have good academic records and enjoy a good financial background. Single moms face a lot of responsibilities alone in taking care of sons and having a constant eye on their behaviors as they would tend to outdo their regular behaviors is important.

To be able to stay in stride and raising a boy without a father single mothers should recognize their strengths and weaknesses and encourage their talents, treat them with gifts and create opportunities to develop their talents, but definitely not by showering them with cash gifts. Boys without fathers usually seek support and guidance out of the family circle.

Take special care of your boy from young and make him visit church with you, take part in the church and other activities like sports, health etc. Usually raising a boy without a father gets more difficult when they grow up and feel the need to discuss love and sex. These boys would then miss their father’s presence as they prefer to trust their father rather than any other adult when it comes to matters like those.

Try talking to your boy about these two aspects, or get the help of any male relative who seems appealing to your son, so he will take their advice and inculcate their habits and behaviors and maintain the best discipline and build up a strong confidence in himself.

Most of all raising a boy without a father involves character roles. Since you are the one person whom your son has been with from his birth there are possibilities of him developing your mannerisms and character, hence you should be the best role model for your son. However, if your son knows where his father lives and wants to meet him, this should be encouraged for the betterment of your son’s future.

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