Private College scholarships for Single mothers in Arkansas

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Grants and scholarships are offered by the federal government to help single mothers who aim to go back to school.  No doubt these help tremendously by covering a part of the college costs. But it is well known that despite the free government grant offers, many single moms struggle to pay for college. Most finding themselves short of financial aid end up deciding against going back to school while many others decide to get student loans to put themselves through school. Fortunately, aside from government grants and scholarships, one can also find several scholarship offers set in place by private organizations. Our article here deals with private college scholarships offered in Arkansas.

Scholarships for single parents from ASPSF:

This is one of the many private scholarships available solely for qualifying single parents. ASPSF is a private non-profit organization offering scholarships to aid the educational desires of single parents. As guidelines to be met and application deadlines vary by county, students are requested to check out the specifics here – – by navigating to their county page.

As finding organizations that offer scholarships to students can be cumbersome, get help from the financial aid counselors. This will make the process easier and faster. Finding scholarship opportunities much earlier than the deadlines will give you ample time to work on the application. It is every student’s dream to get approved for a big scholarship that will cover major part of the tuition. But in reality, students will be finding themselves applying to a sea of scholarships before and while in college. Prepare in advance to face a lot of scholarship applications getting turned down.

Facing the growing daycare expenses while in school:

Making a decision on going back to school as a single mother is not simple. What could make it even harder is the daycare expense. How can a single parent meet the daycare costs while also trying to make it through college? Working full-time might appear to be the answer, but there is a better choice for mothers. Make use of the childcare assistance offered via various sources. These sources include but not limited to colleges, state government and non profit organizations. Plenty of help is offered especially to economically disadvantaged parents who are striving to better themselves by graduating school. Single parents going back to school can also apply for cash assistance offered by state government through the TANF program.

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