Private aid for single moms and other women

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Most of you reading our article here will already be aware that besides federal and state grants, private financial aid is also available at your reach. But getting information related to these grants given away by foundations and organizations will always take plenty of time and research. At most grant web sites, you are given just general information related to aid but most do not give out the much-needed specifics. In order to find such grants, it is imperative that you keep an eye on foundations centered around women. Narrowing down your search in such a way would not just save your time but also raise your chances of finding a grant opportunity tailored to your particular financial circumstances. In such a case, qualification and approval will be easier than if you were to apply for a grant that caters to a wider demographic.

Finding grants the easiest way:

Here is a helpful article that covers financial aid for single mothers. Look for the “private aid” section in the article to get a list of foundations offering grants for the needy:

Although the list of grants in the aforementioned article runs a good length, there is still plenty of foundation grants uncovered. Keep in mind that although several organizations are out there providing help for single mothers, grant scams  have also seen the light of day thereby making the process harder for those seeking financial assistance. Make sure  to not respond to any spam and scams you receive in the e-mail claiming to help you with finding thousands of grants for a small fee. Better yet, report such scams so that you are able to prevent them from scamming other people and robbing them of their hard-earned money.  If you are looking for grants to help with starting up a home-based business, grants are also available for small business owners but it has to be understood that most of them are only available for people in specific niches. It will not be an overstatement to say that most people seeking government aid with seed money or for expansion of business find their efforts to be futile.

Access a foundation grant database:

Due to the enormous volume of foundations giving out aid money, it is no less than a sensible move to access a foundation grant database for a small fee. One such database for the foundation grants in particular is the For a small monthly fee, you will be able to obtain access to a grant database that lists opportunities for both the individual grant seekers and those seeking funds for their non profit organization.

Information on a few foundations to get you started:

1. Altrusa Foundation – a non profit organization with a history of serving women in local communities. Assistance is offered to people in local communities with the help of “Altrusa clubs”. Members of these clubs, named the Altrusans, can get benefited by a plethora of programs that could aid their development. To get benefited and engage in bettering your community, locate a club near you and join today – location search,

2. Are you seeking a grant for a project that would benefit women in your community? If yes, look into the grant offered by Open Meadows Foundation link. Grant amount of up to $2000 will be awarded to applicants who demonstrate financial need for funding their project and also fit other criteria. Note that these grants cannot be used for individual purposes or for funding the start of a for-profit business,

3. Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program: Private aid is offered by Lilly Endowment to Indiana residents who wish to go back to school but are held back due to financial barriers. If approved for aid, one can receive four-year, full-tuition scholarships plus money to cover books and other expenses. If interested, contact a local community foundation as they are entrusted with the administration of this aid program,

4. Women’s Programs from “Mercy Education Project“: another private, nonprofit organization aiming to help low income women in Michigan. The organization aims at eliminating barriers such as limited resources for pursuing education by offering help with adult education and more. Note that while one is involved in the program, help with transportation and childcare will also be made available, if need be. Single mothers who are interested in making the most of these programs but are apprehensive about the daycare center expenses will find these provisions highly helpful. Visit this link to get more information.

Resources to check out:

Guide to funding through grants – USDA has published a comprehensive guide on finding funding by means of grants. Unfortunately, this material seems unnoticed by a lot of people seeking foundation grants. We encourage you to peruse it as it offers a lot of pointers in regard to getting grants from sources other than the government. Please note that you will come across plenty of foundations offering grants to local organizations – not for individuals. Such foundations usually do not welcome unsolicited grant proposals. On the other hand, many other foundations will solicit entries but would not be accepting applications from individuals. It will be in your best interest to research a particular foundation grant before you start with the grant proposal.

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  1. Kaylin Brown says:

    I am looking for funding that along with schooling will help with rent, gas etc. I am a single mother that is 1 credit short for my high school diploma. My goal is to gain schooling to further benefit my role assisting Homeless Youth.
    I would like to further my education to learn how to best help teens that have been trafficked. I am involved with Mother 2 Many Ministries. We are a grass roots ministry whose goal is to aid Homeless Youth with gaining a place to live and have positive futures. Phew….. Long winded huh? Sorry about that. I am just REALLY excited to be a part of this.
    I would be interested in any information you could send me. Also any funding/grant possibilities for a Faith based organization in helping us achieve our goals.
    Thank you
    Kaylin Brown

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