Preparing for Your Kid’s First Sleepover

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A kid’s first sleepover can be a very exciting and scary time for both the child and the parents.  By doing a little preparing and planning beforehand, however, you can help to take some of the stress out of the experience and help them to have as much fun as possible.  What can you do to help make your kid’s first sleepover a great experience for them and a comfortable one for you?

Try a play date first.  You want your child to be comfortable with the home and family that they are staying in and with.  A play date will be a great way for them to become more comfortable and a way for you to see if they enjoy time with this family.  By you staying with them at the play date, this will give you the opportunity to get to know the family as well.  For maximum confidence for you and your child, you may want to do several play dates.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your child’s special needs.  Does your child have nightmares sometimes?  Does your child have allergies?  Does your child have other special needs?  You want to be sure that you talk about these needs, as well as give contact information in case of emergency.  You may think that this is going overboard, but if there is an emergency, both you and the other family will want to be sure that you can be contacted and reached.

Talk about the sleepover a few days ahead of time.  By talking ahead of time and encouraging your child, you will help to keep them from worrying about the sleepover.  Stress that they will be safe and that they will have lots of fun.  Let them know that you are just a phone call away and that they can come home any time that they want.  This preparation can go a long way to relieving their fears and giving them more confidence about sleeping over at someone else’s house.

Consider a mini sleepover.  If you and your child are still not comfortable, consider a mini sleepover.  Drop your child off for dinner and all them to stay right up until bedtime to allow them to spend time with the child without having to sleep at a different home.  Give your child this option if they seem to be hesitating about going on their first sleepover and try a sleepover the next time.

A kid’s first sleepover is a major rite of passage for kids and by planning ahead, you can make it a successful rite of passage for them that they will enjoy.  By making you both more comfortable by enjoying play dates and mini sleepovers, as well as talking to both the family and your child, you will both feel more confident and more comfortable.  Let your child enjoy this time of independence and allow them to grow some wings.  It will help you and help them if you both plan and prepare for this fun time in your child’s life.

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