Part Time Jobs for Single Moms

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As a single mother, you’re probably familiar with the experience of living paycheck to paycheck. It can be extremely difficult to keep up with all the family bills when you are the only one with the ability to earn money for the family, and sometimes you may have to think about taking on a part time job so that you can save a little bit of money back. The only barrier is being aware of the part time jobs that will work best.

Get Creative

One of the best ways for single moms to make a little extra cash is by simply babysitting or opening up a home daycare that only offers services during odd hours. There are many families who wish they had childcare in the evenings or on weekends, especially in the case of a single parent whose job requires them to work odd hours. Opening up a home daycare with hours that don’t cover usual business hours is a great way to save money.

Freelance jobs also provide a great part time opportunity that allows you to work whenever you need to and however much you want to. The internet is full of sites like,, or, all of which are places to find freelance jobs and hire freelancers. Writers, graphic artists, medical transcriptionists, and more can find part time jobs that they can do in their free time, like on weekends or in the evening. The best part of these kinds of part time jobs is the fact that you can do them on your own computer at home. This allows you to be home with your children, helps you avoid having to pay additional childcare expenses, and makes it easy to set your own schedule for your part time work.

Part Time Jobs Outside the Home

Many people don’t like to clean their own homes, so they will hire other people to do it. You can take on a few house cleaning jobs and do them in your spare time as you are able to. Some companies will even hire part time people to fill in any gaps they have, so this is a great opportunity to do something you already do a lot of and actually get paid for it.

There are also a few other opportunities that may only require a few hours a week. After all, if you’re already working full time, you may not want the full 20 hours a part time worker is entitled to. You may want to take on a restaurant job that will let you pick up a few hours each week. Each business is a bit different, so ask a lot of questions during the search for the perfect part time job. If they will require more hours out of you than what you can handle, then make sure to take that into consideration before accepting the job.

Seasonal Work

In some cases, it may be beneficial to pick up a job around Christmas time just to help with the added expense of buying gifts. In some cases, you may be able to make enough money in seasonal work to save up money to have on hand for the entire year after. Many retail stores will hire additional help around certain holidays, and there are also other opportunities to perform jobs that have a season. Landscaping is a great way to work just a few hours a week during the summer if you can find a company with a schedule that works for you. Companies want people who will work on weekends, so you will be a valuable resource for them.

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