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Small bucks can fulfill big dreams!

“Time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving”. These words by Henry Ford echo a global viewpoint regarding the economically weak segments of our society. All of us tend to feel sorry for economically disadvantaged people and tend to think that lack of money is the explanation to their predicament. On the surface level this might ring true, but the cracks show that beneath the surface lies a deeper cause. Money is essential but any amount of financial charity can end up going to waste since it’s often a vicious circle. The rationale is not to look into immediate concerns but to help low-income families gradually rise with dignity.

In the case of women, the cause is apparently the dependency that they have on people around them. This lack of self-sufficiency may arise from lack of opportunity, burden of raising families, personal health or sometimes just a want of confidence. There is nothing more empowering than a mind, which is equipped to deal with the worst to the best of its abilities.

Why you shouldn’t lose hope

Money drives the world but hope sustains mortals. This is the reason why in today’s world, nothing is deemed impossible and barriers and boundaries are being overcome constantly. Women with low-income families have their fair share of their dreams being lost to reality. There are numerous organizations – whether private or linked with the government, which provide a real helping hand to women from such families. Such associations assess the basic needs and requirements of low-income women and direct their services to provide them with all the pre-requisites necessary to make something of themselves. Basic amenities like clothing, nutritious food, healthcare needs for women, educational courses and a plethora of other provisions, which impart a sense of dignity to these women, are offered by such organizations.

Who all are involved in making this Endeavour a success?

There are many government-aided organizations; non-profit organizations as well as private volunteers who are instrumental in helping women from economically weak backgrounds make their mark in life. These organizations assume the role of mentors and guide the women under their shelter towards building up a better and more secure future for themselves. They have no selfish motives and are driven purely by the aim of giving financially feeble women the education they need in order to survive with their head held high.

What are the names of these organizations?

Here are some noteworthy organizations, which assist low-income women and their families in becoming financially independent:

• Suited for Change – since 1992, this innovative and independent organization has taken up the task of catering to low-income women in a practical aspect. It provides women with professional clothing such as corporate suits to make them feel ready to take up their role as an independent breadwinner. The organization wishes to see more women seek employment and it wishes to banish any deterrents in their path. It has literally changed the “look” as well as outlook of women ranging from teenagers and young victims of violence to senior citizens. Statistics say it all and if you are still uncertain, then visit- to know more.

• Budget Buddies – this non-profit organization is a perfect platform for self-help among low-income women. A financial plan gone awry is one of the major reasons for financial troubles. Women often shy away from the fiscal angle but for low-income women knowing their monetary transactions inside out is a must. Budget Buddies does exactly this by organizing workshops, seminars and programs based on all aspects of finance. It is a comprehensive aid for women since they get to learn about banking, credit management, budget planning and much more without being charged a penny. Moreover, personalized help and support groups are offered to look after individual concerns. To find out details, log on to-

• Crittenton Women’s Union – another non-profit organization run on a massive scale, Crittenton Women’s Union focuses on more than one aspect of helping low-income women and their families as well. It has multiple programs that are specific and directed at fulfilling hardcore needs of low-income women. The organization offers endless possibilities for women by helping them gain the required awareness, skill set and tact to not only reach economic independence but to establish a career as well. It also provides shelter and food to homeless families and guidance to young mothers. To know about the, go to:

• Women’s Economic Security Campaign (WESC) – this unique organization makes use of women’s funds across America to garner economic awareness amongst political policy makers regarding the impact their policies have on women. This politically charged campaign seeks to change the very policies, which make women the more vulnerable sex of the two. The fact that more women are financially weaker than men is what this organization wants to change. By using women power, this campaign promises to bring about radical changes in the economic security for low-income women. To gather more information, visit –

For those women who are not entitled to receive financial help from the government since they do not fulfill the criteria, there is no reason for dejection. There are various educational institutions, which are privately owned where low-income women can obtain their higher education without hassle. These organizations provide grants and scholarships for these women. Some such organizations are:

• Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund
• Horizon’s scholarship
• Mayer Foundation Funds

There is no dearth of organizations and institutions, which run on a non-profit basis and work towards giving low-income women a chance to lead the life they deserve and desire for themselves as well as their families. The only requirement is that women come out of their comfort zones and embrace a better life, which will secure their future with a seal of happiness and contentment. Women need to be willing to bring about the change that they want to see in their lives by extending their hands and then they will see themselves being embraced by those willing to help them.

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  1. Rebecca Pappas says:

    I’m a 52yr old female whos husband has abandon me, leaving me with nothing. Now he wants a divorce, he knows I’m not able to afford an attorney. I am scared to death of what will become of me, after losing my Mom recently to cancer I do not have any family to turn to for help. I feel so helpless, and in a state of shock. My husband retired from the military and advises me I have no right to his military pension. I have no medical coverage, no income, no way to get necessary medical treatment for depression. In addition he is in our house , I’m out trying to find a place to stay day to day. I’ve signed up for food stamps; living in Georgia I’m only getting 85.00 a month which is hardly enough to survive on for nutrition. After the years of verbal abuse I just cant go back to the house to confront him, his words are harsh and crude. I’m so affraid of what will become of me. I need help in a desperate way. Please if there are any groups or organizations that help women in need I would be so greatful.

  2. Abena opoku says:

    Hi, my name is abena and I have two beautiful children with this guy I wasn’t married to, I was young, naive and stupid when I first met him but turns out everything he told me about him was nothing but lies, he lied about his age even told me his own son was his nephew. This man has never supported me financially during and after both pregnancies. I live in Fresno Ca, and the job opportunities here isn’t good, so I decided to move to Virginia, the left the children in my parents care with his approval and now he’s filed papers asking for full custody of the children with me having supervised visitation because I feels I will kidnap the children when I come to visit California. We went to mediation but it didn’t go well for me because the mediator was biased and tore right in me and he loved every minute of. I need to hire a lawyer but all my money is gone including the kids’s savings because I had to respond to everything he filed and I hired a paralegal with that but I didn’t know paralegals can’t go to court with me. I had to leave my job and come back to California to handle this matter. I need to hire a lawyer but I don’t have the money the asking for 3500 dollarsr retainer fee, I don’t want to lose the children to this man because he doesn’t want them but rather want to use them to punish and get back at me for leaving him and me refusing to marry him. I need the organizations help, please help me fight for these children, these children deserve better than this and I intend on giving them the best of me. Thanks

  3. Toni West says:

    I’ve been married to my husband for 15 years…he abandon me recently I stayed with him when he was on heroin and he haven’t been intimate with me for about 14 and half years but I still stayed with him…In 2005 we lost everything due to hurricane Katrina…with money I received I purchased a home my husband went to rehap just before the hurricane so when we move to a new city he was able to get a good job…he was able to buy a car and his credit was getting good out of no where just because we disagreed about something he decided to leave and left me with all the bills when he knew my job was slow I was only making about 290.00 to 400.00 every two weeks. Before he left he let me know that he was not going to help me at all and he don’t. Sometimes I find my self crying but what can I do…I’m not able to keep up with all the bills so I might be homeless soon.

  4. Yilfashewa Tilahun says:

    I am yilfashewa Tilahun from Ehtiopia. I am a mother of two children. B/c of lack of money I can’t buy or build my own house. I want aperson who help me. please find and contact with me. God be with u! thank u!

  5. Avelina Aguirre says:

    I am a struggling single mother with 2 school aged children. My car was stolen and I am devastated. I have no means to take children to school, doctors, school hours internship. Food and emergency services. Do you have an unused car that you can donate.I could use your prayers.

  6. Melissa Theobal says:

    I am a single Mom and a Domestic Violence survivor. I am in need of housing for me and my 3 children. I have recently moved into a residence and the conditions are deplorable. I am in need of assistance with low income housing, could someone please assist me.

  7. Tiera Simms says:

    I am a Single woman ,just lost a child im in need of a place and Im alone no family nor friends .I don’t know what else I should do .Looking for work praying find work and to put myself back together again with my lost.

  8. Melanie Smothers says:

    I am a single woman of 58. My husband was horribly jealous. I tried to go to school An was harassed every day till I quit. I had a really good job where I could have climbed to higher positions. I wasn’t allowed to eat in cafeteria or speak to. Any men, even the boss. So my only recourse was to make our 8 martial arts schools my job priority along with raising kids. I loved the martial arts An was good at it. All aspects, the school advertising, ads for other businesses in our newsletters, wrote articles for 3 different schools, the accounting. I was smart An did very well An with my brand of teaching, helping people to believe in themselves the school made money. But thru it all I was being mentally abused. Once we got a divorce he alienated my sons an daughter from me. Told my children he supplied me with a job. If it hadn’t been for him I would never have made it. Fact is I would have made it in anything I took on except for abuse. I am also disabled now because of how often I got hurt teaching an training. I had no way to slow down. Classes had to run so I had to teach with heirniated discs, torn shoulders an hips. So now I’m fully disabled. So now I want to go back to school. I have a lot of good years left An I love learning. I need help with tuition because I don’t make enough money from what work I can do An disability. I live in St Louis Mo. where do I go to find out?

  9. Lena Moore says:

    I’m a 49 year old woman with a disabled daughter that needs help with home improvements, maintains on our car( which we only have one car). The roof is leaking, the tolet is coming up in the bathroom, I can only use the spray noisal in the kitchen sink, the living room floor tiles are coming up, the a/c unit is shot out. I do not have the money to fix anything, and there is no one to help( if you call someone to help you their holding out their hand for some money, in which I DO NOT have). When every someone comes to the house I feel so ashamed for them to see the inside of my home or ask to use the bathroom.If it is raining we have pots siting around( I did get my brother in law to cover up the places to stop the water from coming in), but I know it won’t last long. PLEASE send me some HELP, I’m in need of help badly.

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