Online home-based jobs for single mothers – not all are scams!

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Are you a single mother looking for an online home-based job? If you have already done hours of search online but arrived at nothing, you are not alone. Millions do so everyday, and most only come across scams, a few web sites that sell useless “make money quick” guides and a few jobs that just do not fit their skill set. On the other hand, the fact is thousands of mothers work from home everyday and make a comfortable income without them having to leave their kids and home. Working from home would mean a lot of comfort and, more importantly, cutting down the daycare costs. But how can a single mother find a real online job that she can do full-time. Our article here throws the spotlight on the much-demanded answer.

The real work-from-home jobs:

1. Write articles(suits best for single moms who are excellent writers):

This is one opportunity that we would recommend to anybody in search of a home-based job. There are literally thousands of web masters and businesses posting their need for article writing each and every day. While some would only offer a meager price for writers, there are many who would be willing to pay a fair amount to writers with experience and those demonstrating expertise or skill. Here is a short list of web sites where such jobs are posted everyday:

1. DP

2. freelancer – Look for the section titled “writing and content”

3. elance writing jobs

To get a list of current article writing job opportunities, you just have to register for free at the above sites. There is absolutely no need for you to pay anything to get a home-based job in the above sites. Once you start accepting job offers, make sure that you are doing your best. The more reputation you gather in these sites, the more work opportunities you will be able to get. Building reputation will definitely take some time – maybe a few months or even years. Once you gain experience and get positive feedback from a multitude of businesses, you will find that unmanageable amount of jobs will come your way without searching for them. Any article writer who has built excellent reputation over time could get writing jobs hands-down.

While you are just beginning, do not be discouraged by the meager quotes you are expected to offer to the prospective clients. Asking too much, by job poster’s standards, will lead to rejection of your quote. Too many rejections will only lead to you losing hope and dropping the venture altogether. Gaining feedback and building your profile must be your foremost priority at the start.

2. Work as virtual assistant:

These days, a lot of people who run online businesses are hiring virtual assistants so that they can focus more on the crucial part of their ventures while leaving out the relatively simple tasks to their assistants. The job will not be hard once you get used to it, and the pay will be decent enough to get by each month. If you feel article writing is not for you, get started on finding work as a virtual assistant today. As for what is expected of a virtual assistant, it depends on what business you work for. Comprehensive and easy-to-follow training will be offered for a few days to those getting selected.

The sites mentioned earlier will also have virtual assistant opportunities. Note that the web sites listed here are only a chosen handful, and you can look for more such sites by searching for “freelancer jobs” in the Internet.

What about get-rich-quick programs?

If you ever think of buying a get-rich-quick e-book, do not. Many will not make you any money at all. Some might be legit, but the truth is that they might not work out as easily as you might think. Those who are making a killing in the Internet put days and years of work into what they do to get where they are today. If you are able to stick with whatever online business seems to fit you, you can make at least a full-time income once the foundation is laid. Those who have a day job at the moment are advised to make a smooth transition into an online job, and not make the decision on a whim. Although online jobs could be very tempting, some opportunities could also be volatile. Think about quitting your day job only when you have ample savings and when you are sure job opportunities demanding your skill set are not going to disappear in a day.

The major takeaway from our article here is that those making a full-time income have not done so in a day. Once you join a freelance site, stick with it and gain as much reputation as possible. Making money online at home is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.No matter how many get-rich books you buy, you will not be able to succeed if you do not believe in perseverance.

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  1. lorrie handy says:

    my name is lorrie handy. i found the website on google. i need a job working from home. going through a divoprce and take care of grand kids.

  2. Celeste says:

    My Name Is Celeste Im A Single Mom That needs A Job To Support My 6 Month Old. PLease Help.

  3. kristina says:

    Hi my name is Kristina, and right now I am going through a divorce and trying to find a job so I can support myself and my 2 yr old son.please help!any advice will be appreciated.

  4. marice says:

    hi my name is marice i have a 1year and a half baby girl and i have been struggle for 2 years now to get a job i am lossing weight so quickly because of the constant worrying of trying to find the basic needs that my child needs everyday. everyweek i try my best to go on interviews or drop off applications but no such luck. I need help.

  5. Jenny says:


    I’m in desperate need of a career path that will allow me to raise my two wonderful sons. A year ago I was laid off of work…it was a job that I loved as I had a big hand in creating an amazing program, I was able to provide benefits and raise my 2-year old son. Since then, I got pregnant again and my miracle baby boy was born at 26 weeks gestation, weighing 2 pds 10 oz! After 4 months in the hospital, a level 4 bleed in his brain, and lots of growing, my tenacious li’l dragon (year of the dragon) came home. The goal was to find another job right away to support my family, however, my preemie has at least 3 therapy appointments a week and a g-tube. I’m in need of income to support my boys, therefore, I’m looking online for any type of help, online work and also possibly find a career that will flourish. Suggestions, direction, HELP please!!



  6. Muzetta says:

    I am looking for a career that I can do from home and raise my four year old little girl. Please any advice would be greatfully apprieciated.

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