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As a single mom, you might have getting back to school in mind down the road in life. But let us face it. Getting back to school is not that easy. Although a lot of moms would love to go back to school to better the chances of getting a high-paying job or get a job in a completely new field, financial problems come in the way for most of them. The very thought of taking loans to pay for college might want many to put off back to college or even completely give up the pursuit. It happens everyday. So, what really can single moms do when they are facing such a situation? Give up hope of getting a degree just because of financial troubles? Thankfully, no. The truth is that although many will have to inevitably put off back to school for months, some will find that they can qualify for scholarships and grant application. Many of these grants will not cover your full expenses as the aid amount will be small [ compared to the tuition fee ] but will certainly cover a significant part of it. You will have to come up with the rest of the money. Before you dive into getting a degree, make sure that you sit down and do deep thinking about how you will manage everything while you focus on your education. A discussion with a mom who has already made it will go a very long way in equipping yourself with helpful information that you otherwise would never have learned. If you are not aware of anyone having gone through school in the recent past, try to go online and search [ for mom forums or back to college forums/message boards ] in the forums for inspiration. Having a discussion with them will open your mind to the hardships you might face down the line once you join the school. This will probably be saving you a lot of headache in the near future and would also not wear you down as you get to prepare yourself mentally for all possible difficulties. Hurdles will be inevitable while you try to make it through school but it will certainly be worth it!

Online school grants for getting back to school:

Now that we have a given short introduction to grants, scholarships and back to school, let us move onto the online school grants. Choosing an online school over a campus school is not uncommon these days. A lot of employed women seek online school as they find it to be very convenient.  But one big question remains. Do people joining online schools get to apply for the grants that those choosing campus schools do? The fact is that the federal grants as well as the state grants will only be given away to students who join an online school that has accreditation. If the school you have in mind is not accredited, you might want to reconsider things and take a final decision. Having said that, do not forget that many schools also offer institutional grants to the needy students. Check out the financial aid page of the school you have in mind currently to see if they offer such aid.

Speaking of school grants, do also keep in mind that there are many colleges out there who offer free tuition to low income students. While you are considering which school to attend, search for colleges offering such generous rewards for the needy and those with merit. Obviously, it will take time and a lot of effort on your part but it is worth it, to say the least. The search process can be made much easier if you join sites which take your profile and link you up to free financial aid. Needless to say, colleges that offer aid will also need your FAFSA score. Make the most of the financial aid officer’s expertise at your prospective college to gain every bit of information as to how you can get through college debt-free. They will be very helpful and clear up all your doubts in a matter of minutes. It will not just save you a lot of time but also make you aware of every possible way of funding your education without loans.

If it is your first time looking for aid, the sheer amount of information in the Internet could end up overwhelming you. But you can choose to avoid it by making smart decisions. Network with moms who just completed school and moms who are about to get into one. When it comes to finding free aid for school, it is all about finding the right grant for your case, apply and wait for approval. Applying for every grant out there that you are eligible for is by no means a guarantee that you will get it. On the other hand, if a grant is targeted towards a demographic you belong to, you will always have lower competition and greater chances of getting approved. Start early in your grant search process and equip yourself with greater aid money to face going through school.

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