Obama’s scholarships and grants for moms – what is it?

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Do not fall for grant hype and scams:

A few months back, you might have come across several advertisements in a lot of websites that read “Obama wants moms or single moms to go back to school” or something along those lines. Many mothers think that the federal government has allotted a significant sum of money to specifically help single mothers about to pursue college education. Indeed, government gives financial aid in the form of education grants and government loans to supplement the efforts by those wanting to enter school. But the truth of the matter is that there is no aid labeled as ” grant for single mom ” given by the government as of writing this article.

Now, some of these web sites you see could create hype and try to raise the sales. The product you receive after buying, whatever form it is, could just not be that helpful. Some others could be downright scams billing you month after month despite your requests to stop them. If you are a grant seeker, we advise you to steer clear of sites that just do not seem right or filled with claims that is just too good to be true.

Can’t moms get any grants for school?

Single mothers, or anyone for that matter, can apply for a number of grants and scholarships given away as aid for education expenses. If your academic excellence in the past or financial need merits aid, the award will be offered to you. In many cases, the application for grant award will only be open for particular ethnic minorities. If you fall under such a category, we strongly advise you to begin your search there. Look for scholarship applications that are open only to the minority you belong to. This will put your scholarship application in contention with only a relatively small number of applicants across the state or nation. This does not mean you should overlook applying to other scholarships meant for both minorities and non-minorities. With every application you turn in, you are steadily increasing the chances of a full-ride through college.

Here is a huge list of scholarships that could help:


Are there any legitimate sites that i can use to find the government grants:

All that you will ever need to keep track of the grants and financial aid are these sites:

1. http://www.cfda.gov – A definite, but sizable, number of federal assistance programs aid families and individuals at times of need. This web site is the place for attaining information and details on each one of those programs offered across the nation. Getting informed about local assistance cannot get any easier, considering the clear nature of the navigation you can find in this site.

2. http://www.grants.gov – Have you ever visited a web site related to grants, and after spending minutes on it, found no information on how to apply for a grant and where to find the application form. If you have scoured for grants before, we are sure you came across that at least once. What a disproportionate number of grant seekers do not realize is that they need just one resource to get details about grants that could help them. And that resource is grants.gov.

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  1. Llesenia Soto says:

    I’ m a single mother, blessed with 3 beautiful and smart kids ages 18, 16,& 9. For witch I have to work 2 jobs in to provide for them , Don’t mind working hard . But certainly dificult that as a Mother I’m missing out 🙁 biggest dream is to earn a Degree for a better job oportunity that will allow me not only to mother again but also allow me to pay for my daughter college who just got eccepted in St Mnt Marys Private university ! ..my doughter and I are extremly happy !!! Yet a bit worried on the finacial side . Please Help !

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