Nursing grants for single mothers

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If you have been searching for nursing grants given away to  single mothers and have had no luck in locating them anywhere so far, you have landed in the right place. Our article here would get you started on the right path towards finding college aid. Note that plenty of scholarships are given to women who are interested in the nursing career. Applying for such a volume of aid would entail a lot of work on your part. But it will be in your best interest to ensure you do not miss applying for any aid that fits your profile. Find a few scholarships that you can apply for today below:

1. Read our comprehensive post on the available school scholarships:

For moms going back to school, this post can be an excellent resource:scholarships for single mothers,

2. Make use of the local scholarships. That might seem a bit obvious for a few of you readers but the truth is that a lot of students still are not aware of this and end up just applying through the FAFSA. Missing out on free money for school would mean you will have to get the funding through taking a loan. Unlike the national scholarships, these present a greater chance to yourself to win the college scholarship as they are local opportunities,

3. If you are 35 or older and fall into the low income women category,apply for the financial aid given through the Jeanette Rankin Foundation.You may download the application form here. One important thing to note is that only those attending colleges accredited by one of the following agencies are eligible to apply for the aid:

Accrediting Council for Independent College and Schools,
Middle States Commission on Higher Education,
New England Association of Schools and Colleges,
Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools,
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities,
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools,
Western Association of Schools and Colleges

You can learn more about the amount of aid and answers to other FAQs through this link

4. After having applied for grants and scholarships and you are still falling short of money, a student loan can come in real handy. In case you are not able to get approved for the private loans due to no credit history or a bad credit score, look into government education loans,

5. Talbots Scholarship Foundation: A 15000 or 30000 dollar scholarship is given by this foundation to women who want to go back to school later in life,

6. Emerge Scholarship Program: Emerge gives several scholarships each year. Fifteen $5000 scholarships was awarded in 2014. Find the application details here

7. Another non-profit organization giving a small but much helpful scholarship to single mothers=>link

As you can see, a lot of scholarships and grants are not given specifically to single moms but to all women who are determined to get a college degree. So, if you do not come across any nursing grants, make sure to look into financial aid given to the minorities.

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