No job and need money for rent and bills?

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Have you recently lost your job and need money now for rent and bills. First of all, do not lose hope because of having to face crisis or an emergency. You are not alone. Thousands of families face it everyday, and those without enough savings get hit hardest as meeting the expenses becomes all the more difficult. Many turn to search for government grants that could help with rent and bills. It is true that the government strives to build robust support for low-income households and families needing help with a crisis. But unfortunately, there are no grants for rent and bills – note that there is assistance program for helping low-income families with rent. On the bright side, there are plenty of local resources you might find that help with the same.

How could one find a local resource?

Thankfully, one does not have to rack their brain or spend hours to find a local resource which could help. Call2-1-1 and get connected with your local United Way. The specialist on the other end of the line, with an extensive database of helpful information, can link you with a local governmental agency or an organization. Some other options are visiting a local church or going to a non-profit organization around you and get information on where one could receive rental assistance. Although not all organizations help with rent, they might know other places where such an assistance is offered.

Note that rental assistance is offered by the government through the housing choice voucher program. But the approval for the same does take time. When you are in the need of immediate assistance in a matter of few hours or days, you will find that organizations can be of greater help. On the other hand, if you feel your issues with affording rent are going to last a few more months from now, we urge you to apply for section 8 at the local county assistance office as soon as possible. You might also be able to apply online for all the government assistance programs if your state has online application in place. Having financial assistance while you are trying to weather a crisis could make a difference, and it is imperative that you make the most of whatever programs are in place in your state to help needy families.

Do check out if you are particularly interested in the government grants. And also keep in mind that there is no need to pay anything to get information related to such grants. They are free and information on them is also free. Ignore advertisements that claim to get you 1000 dollar or 2000 dollar grants overnight. They are probably scams. In order to get food assistance and help with paying utility bills, look up SNAP and utility bill assistance programs in your state. There is help in most states for getting help with paying the heating and cooling costs of your home – look up LIHEAP.

For details on government assistance with rent, you can check out our special section on rental assistance in your state here:Paying rent while jobless

Save Money: It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask for Help

Your credit card payment is due, but this month you can’t make the payment on time. There is nothing you can do but wait until the next paycheck, but you assume the company has a grace period of at least a few days. When the next statement arrives, you see the credit company awarded you a hefty late fee of $40. Instead of saying, “Oh well, that’s life,” follow this classic rule: “It never hurts to ask.”

Call the company and explain the situation. Even companies who have a no- grace-period policy may be willing to forgive one late fee per year for every client. You saved $40, just for asking.

At the very least you should investigate the details, including grace periods, late fee charges, and penalties beyond the grace period, of every account you hold with creditors, including utilities. Some creditors charge you a late fee if you are one minute late, and others have grace period policies up to 30 days. The next time your money spreads a little too thin, you can decide which accounts to pay first, and always pay the ones with the biggest penalties.

Here are other situations when it might pay to ask for help:

– Do you have medical bills, but no health insurance (including Medicare/Medicaid)? Apply for assistance through the financial counselor at the hospital or medical clinic. Most hospitals will reduce the bill based on your income. They should also work with you to settle on a manageable monthly payment if you cannot pay the whole sum up front.

– Utilities should take priority. You can’t function very well without electricity and water. If you are in dire straights, call the company and ask for help. Some companies have special assistance programs for low income families or those going through financial crisis.

– If you lost your job or can prove some other type of financial hardship, you are in a good position to work out a deal with your creditors. They want you to keep making payments, so they will work with you to settle on a manageable monthly payment plan. They will probably remove late fees and knock down the interest rate as well. If the credit company wants you to close the card to grant such favorable terms, think twice. It could hurt your credit score. Consult a financial advisor, or at least look at the big picture (which would be the lesser evil) before you proceed.

-Never skim over bank or credit card statements, loan agreements, or any other financial document. If you notice a discrepancy or do not understand something, it never hurts to ask. That discrepancy might be a charge made in error or a red flag that someone has stolen your account information. Understand all the details of any financial agreement, including fees, penalties, and interest rates, before you sign your name.

Don’t ask friends or family for help except for the biggest emergencies – like when your house burns down, or a tornado blows it away. Borrowing from friends and family may negatively affect your relationships. And don’t borrow money for an “emergency” unless you have already looked for all other ways to cut down on spending. That friend who loaned you money to save your house from foreclosure might have a problem when he finds out you took a vacation to Florida.

The above suggestions are meant to help you save money, not to dodge responsibilities or enable a lifestyle of overspending. However, many of us are dealing with lower incomes, higher inflation, less credit availability, and added expenses. Along with careful budgeting and financial planning, asking for help is one way to keep your financial boat afloat.

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  1. Keshia says:

    i really need help with paying bills

  2. crystal ayers says:

    my rent is due i have no job no money and no food i just got my own place and as soon as i move in my job lets me go i really need i had to give my kids to my mother because i have no way of paying for anything please help me i beg of you rent is due 12/5/2013 and i am scared 🙁

  3. Sharon says:

    Hello can anyone help me i have recently lost everything due to losing my job.I have been job searching every since I have a potential job coming up but right now I am living in my car which they are about to repo I just need temporary help to rent a place to stay if there is someone out there that can help I would greatly appreciate any help you could give. I know it’s a ruff economy right now but i have never been in a situation such as this I would be willing to pay it back asap I am not one to ask for help but have no other choice I have tried public assistance and they say they have no funds. I have a rare heart condition and could rally use your help thank you and may god bless you.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I’m a stay at home mom that need money for my son’s 1st birthday all the money that my husband gets goes to bills and rent. can someone help me?

  5. Stacey says:

    In need of help to pay some bills!!! I’m a single mom of 2 and have fell on very hard times.. Lost my job of 10yrs and have not been able to find another one. I consider myself a strong woman who is now facing a devastating financial situation. I have always helped people in anyway I could and never did I ever think one day I would need that same help! If there is anyone willing to help me It would be graciously appreciated and when I am back on my feet and able again I will most definitely pay it forward!! Thank you and god bless

  6. Evan Seidner says:

    My name is Evan Seidner I lost my job a couple months ago and I’ve been struggling ever since. I lost my daughter a couple weeks after.I gave her back to her mother. I still have custody of my daughter. I’ve been trying to get other jobs but nothing to help to get caught up. Then now I just got injured. Tore my hamstring, tenit. Now I’m serisly down. Dr. Talking surgery. I’m so far behind on my rent about 3000.00 or more. I’m serisly looking for help. Thank you.

  7. April Roach says:

    Hi I am April and a mother of three young boys ages are 16,12,&7. I have recently had a eye opening experience to being from having what you could say is comfortable living to loosing everything I possible owned except for few clothing for me and the boys. Having been employed ten yrs in dialysis to staying at home with my kids til certain circumstance come about which left me and the boys with a almost 90 yr old women who adopted me and that had been for few months until now.. I have done everything I can to stay afloat and today is one of the worst days I can imagine due to I cannot possible think of how I will come up with $200 to pay a efficiency place for us to stay. I have struggled with food the last week and awaiting my foodstamp card as well it seems to be when it rains it pours.. I am just wondering if anyone has ideas or if anything say a little prayer for us would never hurt .. Thanks..

  8. ashlee says:

    I’m a mother of four and my car got totaled in a wreck and now I have no way to work and can’t do daycare I have no one to turn to I don’t want to lose my place but rent man is not caring about that he wants his money. Hr is giving me two weeks to pay its hard because I can’t walk with 3 kids and a baby in the heat so please if anyone can help it would be a blessing from god. I’m doing all I can just need helping hand

  9. William Low says:

    ive tried all these sites before. There is no one whom cares for others. In a few days, im loosing my place to live, my car, my life. My best friend, and only friend will be taken from me. What else is there to gain? Im lost, and near giving up totally.

  10. Melitha ncube says:

    Am a gerlie leave with my young sisters l lost my mom 3years ago my father took another wife we did not help us even one day am now a mother of this child l have no money to help those child to get school no money to by food am doing a house garlie get $100 in that $100 there need rent and bills l can’t even do something to tok that chald to get school please l need your help help me

  11. leesha says:

    im in need of finacial help , my son and i are on our final warning for our rent , im a single mother without a job , my family wont help us out , today will be our final day and if payment is not in by 4pm New Zealand time my son and i will have no where to , please someone help im desperate and dont want my son living out in the cold hes still young , some onw out there help us before we become homeless tonight

  12. Shireen Bhutto says:

    i need some financial help… my husband is jobless ..i have a baby boy…there are lots of expences to pay bills …do favour for me as soon as possible.. belongs from a poor family…as i continue with good play for my life…i shall be very thankful to you.. 🙁

  13. Tammy Barrera says:

    I really need help with rent. I can’t work and I’m in the process of getting disability. I am a single mom and have been struggling so bad lately. I don’t know what to do or where to turn.

  14. Julie says:

    I got pregnant while I was 18 years. I had a baby last year and he’s now one year old. He’s father beat me up and chased me out of his house after with nothing at all. He doesn’t give me any help and I don’t have a job.. My son has developed some weird diseases I don’t know about. I really need help.. I have no rent or food

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