What age should a child start using deodorant?

It’s not uncommon for a parent or child to start thinking about deodorant as early as 8, 9, or 10 years old. You may feel your child is too young for deodorant. But the truth is, there’s no specific age for a child to start wearing deodorant.

Why does my 7 year old armpits smell?

It’s not actually uncommon for younger kids to have armpit smells. This smell is due to bacteria, sweat, and hormone changes. And as long as your child doesn’t have any other signs of puberty, and they’re under the age of eight, it’s not a concern.

Can a 3 year old wear deodorant?

Deodorant for Kids

Children generally enter puberty between the ages of 9 and 14. Around this time, they become more aware of their bodies and may begin to develop body odor. They may feel self-conscious about sweating and smelling. Deodorant is safe for your kids to use when they’re ready.

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When should my kid wear deodorant?

Different kids start puberty at different times, but boys generally begin between ages 9 and 14. Deodorants get rid of the odor of sweat by covering it up, and antiperspirants actually stop or dry up perspiration. There’s no specific age at which kids can start using it, but they should read and follow the directions.

Is it normal for a 5 year old to have body odor?

Body Odor in Children: The Basics

Body odor is normal in kids starting early puberty. Some genetic metabolic diseases, like Trimethylaminuria (Fish Odor Syndrome), could also cause body odor in children. Limiting pungent foods like garlic and organic milk devoid of hormones can reduce body odor.

What kind of deodorant is safe for a 7 year old?

Best Roll-On: Fresh Kidz Natural Roll-On Deodorant

Designed for young, sensitive skin, this roll-on has options for boys and girls. The natural, aluminum, paraben, and alcohol-free formulations have fragrances that are natural, fresh, and clean smelling.

Is body odor normal for a 7 year old?

Body odor usually is a sign of puberty

“Body odor signaling the start of puberty can start as early as age 7 for girls and age 9 for boys,” said Dr. Kathryn Schaus, a Marshfield Clinic pediatrician. If body odor starts before age 7-9 or smells strange, make an appointment with your child’s pediatrician.

Do toddlers need deodorant?

But some children develop body odor at a much younger age. It’s not uncommon for a parent or child to start thinking about deodorant as early as 8, 9, or 10 years old. You may feel your child is too young for deodorant. But the truth is, there’s no specific age for a child to start wearing deodorant.

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Can a 2 year old have BO?

Eating certain foods like nonorganic dairy products, eggs, meat, and some spicy food leads to body odor in toddlers. The presence of parasites in the body can also cause this problem. If toddlers have hyperhidrosis, they may have hyperactive sweat glands causing more sweat and body odor.

How often should kids bathe?

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends bathing children age 6-11 once or twice a week or when: They get dirty from playing outside. They finish swimming in a pool, lake, or ocean. They get sweaty or are dealing with body odor.

What deodorant is safe for a 5 year old?

Deodorant for kids: 8 options

  • Safety.
  • Movie Night Deodorant.
  • Fresh Kids.
  • Truly’s Deodorant.
  • Pit Paste.
  • Good for You Girls.
  • Kids 100% Natural Organic Healthy Roll.
  • TBH Kids Deodorant.


Is Dove deodorant bad for you?

In general, deodorants and antiperspirants are safe products for most people in good health to use. However, if you have an allergy or other health condition that could be affected by the ingredients in deodorant, it’s best to discuss this with your doctor.

How often should you apply deodorant?

How Often Should You Apply Deodorant? Most deodorants and antiperspirants offer 24- to 48-hour protection, so you shouldn’t have to apply multiple times during the day. However, if you are planning to exercise, it can be a good idea to put on deodorant before you begin.

Why does my teeth smell like poop?

Poor oral hygiene can cause your breath to smell like poop. Failing to brush and floss your teeth properly and regularly can make your breath smell because plaque and bacteria accumulate on and between your teeth. Food that’s not removed by flossing stays between your teeth, causing your breath to smell unpleasant.

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Why does my child like to smell me?

“Smell is the one sensory system that connects directly with the limbic system, which is the emotion, memory, and pleasure center of the brain,” says Biel. “It’s all about association, and kids often sniff things that conjure up pleasant memories that they find comforting.”

Why does my daughter smell like fish?

Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) is an uncommon condition that causes an unpleasant, fishy smell. It’s also called “fish odour syndrome”. Sometimes it’s caused by faulty genes that a person inherits from their parents, but this isn’t always the case. There’s currently no cure, but there are things that can help.

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