Business grants for Hispanic women and moms

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How to apply for grants catering to Hispanic women who want to start a small business:

Getting the inception of an idea to start a small business is something that occurs to many people in our nation. Needless to say,that is a spectacular thing to be happening. Almost everyone understands that without the thousands of small businesses all over the country, our economy will get crippled. And that is not an exaggeration at all. But unfortunately, those who want to start a small business struggle with getting the start up funds in their hands. That always acts a huge barrier for someone who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. And that is when they are led to a constant quest for small business grants.

But how can one find and apply for free hispanic grants? Are they even legit and available out there? If these questions linger in your mind, read on for a clear answer.

Small business grants for Hispanic women:

Now, the question is “are the small business grants really given to women?”. The truth is that there are not thousands of grant opportunities tailored specifically to such a purpose. But help is available out there for women who want to open a new business, in the form of free expert counseling as well as money for funding the business. Plenty of help is given in the form of free advice which, needless to say, should not be overlooked. Getting expert advice on starting the type of business you have had in mind for so long is one thing that can make a huge difference at the end of the day. Then again, not having the necessary funds would mean that starting up a new small business just gets out of the picture. In that case, you might want to look into loans, particularly those backed by the small business administration[SBA]. The advantage of getting these loans, as some of you might already be aware of, is that the interest rate will be lower and the loan payments will be within your reach. As for the amount of loan you will get offered, there are many loan programs available that you might want to read about in the official SBA web site. For example, if you are looking to just get a small amount initially Microloan Program is what you must look at. Read more about these programs in here – Loan programs from SBA

“I cannot believe there are no business grants for me”

The second you realize that, we know it will be a cause of huge disappointment. After all that hype you were led to read in the web sites and e-mails, you are bound to believe that there is free business grant money out there which you are missing out on. And that in turn leads to countless hours of searching in the web for that one grant which you hope will catapult you to a higher level. But now you know that a lot of advertisements pertaining to grants is just hype and nothing more. Even if you fall into a minority category, grants might be harder to get as the business grant money from the government is set up mostly for very  specialized businesses.

Easy way to look up small business grants for minorities in a second:

1. You can use this tool over at the web site to make grant search a breeze – Search for grants right now

2. A few resources related to business for Hispanic females and others:Get free expert help on starting a small business

3. Look at what your state economic development agency has got to offer – link

4. See if HBWA can help. HBWA is a community of hispanic entrepreneurs and professionals aiming to help hispanic women with getting started on opening a business. As this is a community acknowledging the need faced by hispanic aspiring entrepreneurs, its support might just be the missing piece in your puzzle – starting your venture, that is,

5. Look for local support – There are many communities like the one mentioned above that aim to help women and business owners across the nation. On the other hand, we have a few organizations that aim to help specifically the local community. One such association is the nationalhbwa – link – with an aim to help women in the in Orange County. We urge you to look for local support in addition to getting help from organizations serving nationwide.

CNN rightly reports in this article, “cash is usually earmarked for funding specific projects or products — not entire companies”¬† – now, that says the whole story. So, the next time you are promised somewhere or by someone over the phone that you can get approved for business grants worth thousands of dollars and all they need is your credit card information, do not think twice about hanging up.

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  1. Rachel Solis says:

    I am a single hispanic mother and i am looking to get a small business loan so i can start my own beauty salon.

  2. Rachel Solis says:

    why all the merry-go-round stuff. can’t anybody just simply help

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