Moving out or staying put while you are a single mom in college

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One question that could linger in a lot of young single moms’ minds is whether they should move out from their parents’ home or stay put considering the condition of economy right today. It would certainly be a tough call, especially when you are a single mom with little baby to take care of. Before we address that, one thing has to be said here in advance. As a single mom, your pursuit of a degree is a very sensible one and it is almost guaranteed that this pursuit will be worth it down the line. A degree in hand significantly increases the chances of getting a better paying job. With just one income coming in for the expenses, it could be hard if you have a minimum wage job. Whereas if your day job brings much more than a minimum wage, you can rest assured that you will end up saving money inevitably for a lot of purposes. And saving every dime while you can will be nothing but building the foundation for financial stability over the years. Even if you lose a job and chances of getting a job are slim in your neighborhood, you will have room to breathe because of all that money you saved up so thoughtfully.

Having said that, moving out or staying put is a decision that certainly needs a lot of time and thought. Firstly, list out every single hurdle you might encounter once you move out. See if you are able to come up with a realistic solution for each and every one of them. Consider how you will manage the housing and other expenses that you will have to face once moved out. How about the daycare expenses? Will you be able to manage working full time as well going to a college? You will have to ensure that your decision will not lead to exhaustion ultimately. Being a single parent is no easy task when you are working in a day job and not a student. But when that is coupled with taking care of a toddler along with going to college, things could get out of control. You might get to a situation where you wish you had couple more hands to assist you in the process and couple more hours in the day.

Facing the housing expenses:

Getting housing assistance is not easy as you might think. The waiting list keeps growing everyday and some get to wait for years before they get assisted. In light of that, one option that you could consider is living together with another single mother and sharing the expenses. As we have already covered that topic over here – sharing expenses, we will not be going into much detail in this article. For someone who feels a great need to move out, this option is certainly worth considering. Of course, you will have to find someone having the same thought of sharing but once you do, you will know that the efforts have been worth it.

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