Making it through school without a penny of debt

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Is the idea of loan repayment holding you back from going ahead and choosing a college major. The undeniable truth is you are not alone. Thousands of single mothers who aspire to get a college degree and put themselves in a better position financially get hindered by the very thought of getting loans to pay for college. Many wonder if making it through school without no debt whatsoever is even possible. Although the fact is that a lot of students get a full free ride to college every year, most do not get to be so lucky. Some get assistance for a major part of their tuition while many others get aid that helps with a very small part. A recent story in Huffington Post reports that the average student debt gets higher each year and there is no sign this is going to change. As a single mother, some questions would pop in your head. Is getting a degree really worth it?  Or is a single mom better off without incurring any debt and getting a degree that takes her nowhere?

Is a college degree worth it?

No matter what you are led to believe, the fact is that people with a college degree have greater chances of getting employed than their counterparts. On the other hand, thinking that a college degree alone is enough to place your foot on the bottom rung on the career ladder might cause you disappointment once you begin your hunt for the jobs. If you want guaranteed career, you will have go down the path that leads to you achieving skills that are highly demanded by employers. Surprisingly, finding that out does not take years but rather a few days of intensive research or a discussion with an authoritative source. Look out for where the jobs are in your local area if you wish not to move once you graduate college. And make sure that you are choosing a school that is accredited and not a diploma mill. You will be surprised by how many diploma mills are out there that masquerade themselves as one of the best.

Go for loans if there is no other choice:

Not everyone will be able to get a full free ride through college. Sooner or later, you will be facing that very fact. But after having known that, you will be left with two choices. One is to take a loan with the hopes of getting a well-paying job soon after graduation and the other choice is to postpone your plans of back to school for a few years. This decision will undoubtedly be nerve-racking when you are a single parent with a child to take care of. It will be even harder if you are a custodial parent with absolutely zero support system. So, what really should a single mother do under such circumstances? Is back to school really a sensible choice even though one is aware that debt will be inevitable. The answer lies in your own mind. Ask yourselves the questions “ Where will this degree take me? ”, “ How demanded are the skills and knowledge acquired while in college? ”. Look around and you will find that even people with degrees fail to get a well-paying job. Maybe they eventually would after considerable amount of search and effort on their part. But choosing to acquire skills for which there is high demand would be a sure-fire way to get yourself not just on the ladder but on the top rungs of it.

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