Living Assistance for low income families and mothers

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If you are a single mom and looking for living assistance, you will find that there is a lot of financial help for families deemed needy and low-income. Most fail to look for help beyond applying for the welfare benefits offered by the government. No doubt government assistance offers a wide range of extremely helpful and targeted solutions to counter poverty and crisis. At the same time, non-profit organizations are also known for providing equally helpful , if not more, programs to assist single moms needing a hand with their transition into a self-sufficient family. The type of financial assistance you can find being offered via NPOs and government include but not limited to the following:

1. Cutting down daycare expenses:

It is well known the daycare expenses are not just high and unaffordable for many but become higher each and every year. With one income at hand, a single mother can only manage so much. Even two-parent households find that these expenses put a huge dent in their pockets but one that certainly cannot avoided altogether. Thankfully, there are several ways to cut down the daycare expenses without having to compromise on the quality of childcare. One such option can be found in the form of affordable childcare solutions offered by non profit organizations in many states. Subsidized childcare can save you plenty of money over time which can in turn boost savings. In addition to these solutions offered by NPOs, government also offers daycare assistance to families meeting income and asset requirements. You can choose a care provider fitting your needs, and ask for assistance towards paying for the same. Applicants who are found to be eligible and approved for the program will be required to contribute a co-payment whose amount will hinge on your gross income.

2. Help with paying utility bills:

For those searching for monetary help with paying utility bills, LIHEAP will be the answer. LIHEAP – Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program – is aimed at assisting those who are in danger of losing the utility services because of non-affordability. In order to get approved, applicants need to demonstrate that much of their income goes towards heating cost. The benefit amount you get approved for will depend on your family size, annual income and the region where you live. Another option for people needing emergency utility assistance is contacting the utility company and asking for a payment plan. Several utility companies are known for assisting families on the verge of losing service due to non-payment.

3. Affording healthy food:

Food stamps can go a long way towards putting healthy food on the table for your family.  Those deemed eligible for the program will receive a card that can be used at stores near you for buying food items. In addition to food stamps, postpartum women can apply for WIC and receive nutritious food packets. You can also make use of the food pantries to get yourself canned and packaged foods.

4. Help with rent:

There are three ways to get help with rent when you find yourself unable to afford it:

1. local churches,

2. rental assistance offered by HUD: Getting into HUD’s housing choice voucher program will prevent major part of your income being spent towards the rent. Payment will be made directly to the landlord on your behalf, and a small part of the rent will be required to be paid by the tenant whose amount will depend on household income.

3. monetary assistance offered by non profit organizations.

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  1. Melanie Bayne says:

    I am a single working mother of two struggling to keep up with bills and especially rent afford food and have my car up and running properly any little bit would be greatly appreciated it is hard to find a better job that is steady any little bit will help thank you for listening

  2. Kimberly says:

    I am a single mother of two in much the same situation as other single mothers out there. I recently was hit by a car and it broke my ankle.. I am out of a cast now but still having problems with it. My car broke down and I am having to walk to work and back home and try to keep up with rent, utilities, food , etc. It would help if could get my car running to go to my job. Any little bit would help . Thank you for hearing me.

    • patty says:

      if u get assit, welfare they do have a car allowance to help get a car or repair a car if its not to much, also check w local churches

  3. erin says:

    I too am a single mom. I moved here in 2005 and was working door to door sales for last 4 years. I got to where i couldnt even eat because what little i did went to my child. I ws working 80 hours a week then lost my car, job, and house. I recently moved into new place where my roommate left with a 600 utlity bill and 800 in rent to pay allalone. I need asistance to pay my kub before my power is cut off and i loose everything all over again. I am so thankful for gdod giving me lofe and my family and never have hadf to ask for help sso now i am lost and all alone. Anythingf wouls make a difference and help a beautiful little girl.

    • admin says:

      Erin, regarding the bills, hope you have looked into payment arrangements. If not, contact and get it done before the power is cut off. For more information, do read my post here:

      • angel Folker says:

        Hello, my name is Angel and I too am a single mom trying to servive. I have a mother-in-law apartment that I would like to rent out to someone to help me to help them. Not sure even if you can help in putting me in contact with someone. I have availiable the following to offer: 2 bdrm, bath, small kitchen, use of washer and dryer, electric, water, cable, internet, private entrance, private yard. I am willing to help with child care for I am a stay at home mom and I know how hard it was when my children were small to find someone to trust and reliable. It would be a great situation for someone who is like me just wanting safety and a relyable home as long as the bills are paid on time. I live close to schools, parks, grocery store, bus stop, hospitals, and malls. I would like to rent the area out for $550.00 month and deposit. If you know of someone or a program I can get intouch with please let me know. It would be great for someone who has just had a child and need help or an single mom with child in school so if she has to work I can help. I work from home so I am blessed and I am 50 years old so I am stable.
        If you know of someone or a program please contact me and let me know.
        Pensacola, florida

  4. belinda willinas says:

    lost job have fo4 kids need help with billis and othe

  5. belinda willinas says:

    single mother with for girls lost job go to school at night have no money for billis or food or gas to get to school my kids need thing that i cant buy .There frother wont help i dont have any one but god to help me what must i do

    • admin says:

      Belinda, have you looked into child support enforcement? The father must pay no matter what for part of the expenses when the children are living with you! I suggest contacting the DSS and getting help from the Division of Child Support Enforcement.

    • patty says:

      i kno
      how u feel, im a single mom w two young girls and no car no house ( it caught fire and landlord wont fix) i dont get support for either of my girls ever, even thou court ordered. ive done all myself. luckly i got food stamps. have u applied for foodstamps and or cash. they help.hang in there. i try and believe the sun is gonna shine on me one day

  6. kristy says:

    i am a single mother of 2 great kids i just got out of a abusive relationship of 7 years. i FINALLY had enough.. there isnt much help once ur out. i am needing help to get my life to where we need to be. i LOST everything i mean everything. i am looking for resources i can find shelters i dont need that and thats all i can find

  7. Colline says:

    I am a single mkother of two kids in Florida and i make somewhat of a decent pay ($15 per hour). But with paying rent, car payments, insurances,daycare, aftercare and gas it barely leaves you with enough money to buy food yet alone save something. Is there any help for people like me? It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  8. admin says:

    Hello Melissa. You did the right thing by choosing not to endure abuse anymore. Have you looked into organizations that help the battered women? Search particularly for them before you begin looking for other assistance.There are many organizations who could point you in the right direction and equip you with resources.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Is there assistance to help move…I’m unemployed and have no idea how to move, costs were so high. Yet I have been living pay to pay, so now how do I protect our belongings? I’m worried I’m going to end up losing everything.

  10. Linda says:

    Hi I’m the single mother of 2 boys…I have been going through the loan mod program for about a year and a half, its coming down to the wire now and I’m so afraid they are not going to modify me..the worst part of it all is the bank could have refinanced my mortgage from the beginning and I wouldn’t be in such a hot mess!!! What do I do..quick somebody please help me???

  11. mykeba henderson says:

    Im a single mother of three and I have no job,no money,no home there fathers does absoluty nothing to help I find myself waking up and going to bed in tears I try to do everything I can to keep my kids happy but everyday is harder and a struggle I pray things get better but its like my prayer wont get answer but I know god has something for me so im going to leave it in gods hands and wait for my prayer to be answered!

  12. ashley king says:

    my name is ashley king i have one daughter she 5 years old i am a single mother who really need help i am homeless me and my child and really need some help with houseing im looking for a job but its hard being a single young mother i am 20 years old i got preganet when i was just 14 so please i f some one would just help us by the grace of god.

  13. Carolyn Sentino says:

    To Whom It May Concern: I am a single mother of two boys. I am in need of housing. At present, I am living in a transitional home. I have been here for two years. Currently, I am in college and am about to graduate with my AA degree. My exit date is May of 2012. I would like to continue my education further, by earning my BS degree, and hence on to law school. If you can please help me in getting an apartment in order to be self-sufficient for me and my family in Richmond, Virginia, would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your assistance in this regard.

    Carolyn Sentno

  14. IBClaeys says:

    I am an American living in Belgium; I am a single parent since my husband passed away 2 years ago, unfortunately, he left me lots of bills to pay, which i had to take a loan otherwise all I had left would have been taken away, I have a daughter and I am trying desperately to get back home to Houston, I have just enough money to pay rent and very little food as all is very expensive here. Forget the glamour of Europe when you are poor, it doesn’t have borders. The worst part is that my daughter and I want to come back to the States; the embassy doesn’t help on this matters unless there is war or some kind of thread to American citizens, so we are stuck here, family is seniors, limited money so no help from that side. I have never been in this situation before, I sympathize with all single mothers in the world; My mom was also a single mother and we struggle all the time, but at least we were home; I am a foreigner in this country, although helpful but I want for my girl and I to be home, just don’t know what to do or where to go for help, at least just to get my feet on the ground, we have been gone for so long, I don’t have credit record or anything that can help me out; if any one could give me some advice and where to ask for assistance once I am in American soil; I would appreciate it very much; God Bless…

  15. Angela says:

    I am in need of help to get a NEW Well at my place, I bought the place in August and the well turns out to be dry, I have contacted FIA and they will help with 1500 which leaves 2500 more for me to come up with. I work alot, and spend 100 a week in Daycare and 100 a week in gas. I have one deadbeat dad that has just gotten approved for SSI for him being Bi-Polar and the SSI he has qualified for will not pay for Child Support and they state is closing his support case. I am in a bind and have called my Treasurer, the State, and my credit is horrible due to paying for what I NEED to support my kids for the month so other things have gone bad. Please if you can lead me to where I need to go to try to get some help

  16. Ren ripples says:

    I am in an abusive relationship , I am deemed bipolar (and refuse medication because i am not bipolar) and am also deemed incompetent and currently on social security he being my rep payee while he is on welfare , so if I leave my children will be taken away or given to him and he will get child support from me (his idea of watching them is to lock them in a room unsupervised to urinate and defecate all over the place not what i want for my children they need love and to be interacted with not ignored) . I don’t know what to do, i want to leave, I just got punched in my face , and all over my body because i wanted him to pay the bills instead of buying luxuries we can’t afford. How can i leave and not suffer for it? how can i leave and not have my children taken away, how can i leave and not be forced to be put on medication i do not need, medication that makes me psychotic and ill….how can i. If i get a job (which i really want to do )and off ssi will i have a chance? We are currently evicted and have till the third to leave… he beat me unmercifully blamed me for all of it mean while he is the one handling everything I am not allowed any input… is there any one who has dealt with my scenario and was successful, not having there children ripped from them, having the bipolar diagnosis taken off there record and deemed normal and competent and living success fully single with three children to raise?

  17. Ren ripples says:

    What i am asking is how do i go about being deemed not bipolar, how do i go about getting off social security and into a job, how do i go about not having custody given to my soon to be ex . are there any programs, is there a test to prove i am not bipolar or manic depressive….grasping at straws and worried my end is coming far too soon with all the beatings i have received from him one being on christmas…that was my christmas present bruises and punches to my face. . hope no one else suffers with this monster once i do leave him.

    • Judy says:

      Bi-Polar is not a death sentence it also is treatable and not something you should be ashamed of there are millions of people functioning people and intelligent people and successful people with this diagnosis, since it is treatable and you take medication and keep in touch with your doctors and let them know how you feel another words make sure the medication you are on is right for you that is the firsst battle and get out of your living situation so you can think. Take care of yourself you cannot control everything, disability is not a bad thing at least you have something coming in for right now get stable and than find some resources where you are and find out what you can do for your self now take one day at a time that is all we have If you look at all of these pleas for help not just yours but the other women we are all struggling and that is something we all have in common don’t beeat yourself up sounds like he is already soing that and you need to remove yourself from that. I am on disability and I am struggling and am a single parent I worked for years and put my ex-husband or rather helped him through school he left us .in 2008 my seizure disorder got worse following depresssion and I have ptsd and now other issues he left me with a carf payment but you know what I take my medicine and i cry some days and I pray every day I refuse to give up because of my son and God he is with you all the time and you need to reach out like you are doing and to people around you and take you doctor’s advice sometimes it’s hard to take a look at ourselves but be good to yourself and your children need an example if they see you taking carfe of yourself they will feel safe. Take care you are not alone you will get though this

  18. vicky says:

    i am a single grandmother raising my 10 year old grandson. i am starting college in 2 weeks im 53 so ill be going to school full time. who can i contact for financial help. i have medication i need and since i couldnt work and go to school full time i will have no insurance. who can i contact

  19. candice says:

    Hi am a single mom that needs help

  20. karen elswick says:

    hi im a single mom who needs help with ,housing and taking care of my children.cant find a job,help

  21. Helene says:

    Hi Im a single mother of 2. I have 1 child with me and the other is with his father whom I have to pay child support to. My boyfriend of 4 yrs has helped me with everything and I’ve become dependent on that help. I don’t want to stay in a relationship out of financial dependence. I have no education, skills, or job and will only have my car and the clothes on my back if I leave. How do I go about starting over with nothing and getting enough help to survive and still take care of my daughter and pay child support so I don’t go to jail?

    • patty says:

      y do u have to pay support? it should b even unless the child w u is not his, but then he should give u a break but prob cause of the boyfriend he wont.check into the support thing if the child is his

    • patty says:

      also most courts will do forgivness if u cant afford to pay rite now or lower it to what u can afford

  22. patty says:

    i am a single my of two girls, i recieve no support from either father even thou court ordered. i nhad a car but the engine blew i also had a house i i could barely afford but manage until a fire. and the landlord a slum lord so u kno where that leaves me. i do have a job but on leave for the week due to trans portation and a quick move temp to my brothers home. due to the lady i was paying for room and board was bipolar and kept robbing my foodstamps and lil cash i had left after paying her bills.i keep praying but feel noone hears me.i just want a break.

  23. Maria says:

    Going to be a newly single Mom. We been together for 10 years, since I was 16. I’m on unemployment. He wants to give me a month to move out. I’m tired of feeling stuck. I don’t want to be with him. But I felt it necessary for the sake of our two kids. I just can’t pretend anymore. I want to be alone. I’m tired of being in a loveless relationship. Unfortunately, because I get unemployment welfare doesn’t want to help me! I tried to go to college and get financial help, but he “makes to much money”. I’m so sick of everything, I just wanna move on and get my life together.

  24. angela says:

    Hello i am very much behind you My daugter is 21 but I was in an abusive marriage for 18 yrs and then i got out due to financial issues. I am currently living in NH and I am looking for resources for me to get help I am trying to get to Hartford due to being a big city where there is alot of transportation because my credit I cant just get another vehicle. I am experienced in the medical field and here in NH i cant even get any prospects of any jobs so give a prayer out for me to being to find a way to get my life straightened out and become where i can find work and find housing.

  25. TraShon Morrison says:

    Hi my name is Shon, I am 24 years old, my mother is on drugs really bad in and out of jail. I took custody of my sister who is now 16 years old, at 14. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a year ago. I am staying with the family of my son’s father. I get a little money a month and have good work record i just dont have a job as of now. I am looking to move out of my in laws house and into a home of my own only because im taking up too much room here in their house and it is starting to be too much for them. I am looking for a job daily and looking to find a little help in moving. Is there any luck for me? I really need a blessing. God help me!

  26. Diamond says:

    Hi my name is Diamond,
    The reason I am on this site is because I am looking to help a single mother who is need of help with a place to live,
    but of course she would have to be willing to become a surrogate mother for my husband and I for free. And in return you would be able to live with my husband and I for as long as you would want to, we’ve tried doing it through invitro 3 times but it hasn’t worked out at all for us, and because of that we’ve decided that it would be best if we would just find the right person who would be willing to become a surrogate mother for free. The surrogate mother process would be done natrally instead of invitro and tubes anything of that nature because we thought that going about it natrally would be the best way to do it, and this is a independent surrogacy so pretty much this is something that we are doing on our own so we have to make sure that we find the right person. And with that being said that person would have to definately be commited, reliable, as well a denpendable person that would really be willing to become a surrogate mother. We live in florida which I must say is a very nice area to live in as well as to raise a family. If any single mother out there thinks that they want to become a surrogate mother but however they are not located in the florida area that’s not a problem if needed we would try to accomidate you the best way possible with help of relocation if you feel that you are intrested. All we want is a little bundle of joy and if you are that angel to help us start our family with a little bundle of joy, then reply to our post and let us know we would prefer that the surrogate mother not be over the age of 30 years old. So to end off this post we my husband and I would like to thank you in advance.

  27. East Tn says:

    Hi i am a single mother of two teens. I have kidney failure and do dialysis treatments three times a week. I have always worked, 2 sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet for my kids and myself, but now that i cant work and need help from the system i paid into for 20+yrs its very difficult. I get disability but its not enough to cover rent utilities gas etc. I got sick a few months ago and was hosptialized and have fallen behind in some bills. I feel like im drowning in a sea of bills. I just need some help to take care of my family. The cut my foodstamps to $68 dollars, i have meds i have to have and i have to keep my car up because i take my son to and from school daily and drive myself to my treatments. Im trying to remain as self sufficient as i can while i can. Please please please someone help me, or at least point me in the right direction. Ive made arrangements to pay, im not trying to avoid paying my bills but i have to work with the funds i have. Their dad doesnt work and doesnt do very much to help. I need some help to at least be stable and get these bills undr control. Thanks so much in advance.

  28. carly says:

    I work fourty hours a week but my husband is the breadwinner. Im trying to get divorced…. I have two kids and need to get out now. What can I do?

  29. Barbara says:

    Hello My name is Barbara, I have in my custody two beautiful kids, a 2yr old son and a 7month old baby girl. We have been homeless and staying with friends here there and everywhere, i have been searching for work with NO luck at all as well as a place of our own, I want my kids to be able to sleep in thier own beds at night, not on a couch with me. Because I am having a difficult time finding housing I am becomming more and more stressed. Every time I turn around it seems the only people in my state that can seem to obtain housing are drug addicts and alcoholics, neither of which I am, i have oftern wonderd…”should I lie and say I have a substance prob” then again, if I did that would they take my kids??? I am SSSSOOOOO STUCK and I don’t know what to do or where to turn to…if anyone has ANY information on ANY helpful resources for jobs and or housing in Colorado PLEASE LET ME KNOW PLZ. I am begging.

    AT MY WITS END….Barbara

  30. Sarah says:

    Hi my name is Sarah. I am 43 and a single mom of three. Four years ago I got laid off from my job, and shortly there after asked my husband who had a serious drug problem to leave. This left me almost destitute. I enrolled in college to try to earn a degree in a field that I could support my household on. I took out student loans in order to support my household while I am in school. I also work for $8.15 an hour and don’t know what I am going to do. I have a serious medical condition that I need to have surgery for, but I can’t afford to take the time off of work to re-cooperate which will be at least a month. I have no one else that I can lean on to help me financially. The children’s father is ordered to pay support and has two other mothers that he pays support to. So I only receive $30 every two weeks for two kids in support. I honestly do not know how I have managed to keep us off the street this long. I pay $425 a month in rent that I have paid ahead on so that we atleast have a roof over our head for two months. The problem is that I believe because of my age, and my medical condition I can not find more gainful employment. My children’s father lives in a tent and I worry that if something were to ever happens to me that they will end up even worse off than they are now. I am exausted with worrying. I am only 6 credit hours away from my AA, but I am finding out that an AA won’t improve my chances of getting a better job. If anyone has any advice about what I can do about my situation please let me know. I really need this surgery now, I just don’t know what to do financially while I recover. HELP!

  31. janet amanda maddon says:

    i am a 25 year old single mother of 2 and one on the way. my two girls stay with my mom at the moment because i am homless and have been for 5 years. my oldest is five my youngest is 3 and i am pregnant. i get 498.00 from social security for disability. i need help and dont know what to do. i have no one litterally and it took me five years to see that. iv tried all i know. this is not like me to ask on public lines but i need help. i live in yakima washington but im willing to move. if theres any one who can help me get on my feet into a home where i can care for my kids please let me know. ill try or do just about anything. i dont want to give up and as you can probly tell i have some severe mental issues and this is hard and imbarrasing for me but i know i cant do it alone. i didnt get to go to school much so i have no friends. i have no family help what so ever and my bf are abusive and want drugs in there lifes. i cant and do not want to be around that. i want better for my kids and i and this situation im in is killing me. im not sure i can post something like this but its what seems to be the truth to me. im really not wanting to bother any one i just need some information or some kind of inside help that would help me get on the right track. my email is if any one has anything for me. i have nothing. this might sound odd but like i said growing up i didnt get to have friends or even get to develope any communication skills. i know very little people and there not good nor helpfull to me. so any info i can use . thank you.

  32. jackie says:

    Im a single mother of a 4 year old boy. Its unberable to keep living in this house.. my parents taunt me that i will never be able to live on my own. That im a ignorant girl wich im not i work i pay all my things all my stuff in my room o have sweat and bought. Tehy traeten me that if i do leave they will take my son away from me…. Help plz!!! I wana leave know and live on my own… I have depression amd anxiety and they make it worst even taking meds and going to thearapy dont work…. Will i be able to get help to live on my own being in this situation????

  33. Bernadette says:

    Hi I’m a mother of two and nowim four months pregnant living with my parent. I just want to know how I can get help for paying an appartmentb with my three children. Please help me cause I need to get out of my parent appartmentb which are already overcrowded

  34. Donna Bedingfield says:

    I am writing on behalf of my sister. She lives in NY State and I live in LA which is very difficult to be of any help. She is divorced, stuck with many bills from their marriage, lost her job because she lost her car because it was repossessed when she couldn’t pay. Dad and his mom are fighting to make things even harder – doesn’t want to pay child support or alimony to her so he and his mother are trying to take her girls (ages 11 and 14). They are turning the girls against mom. She is extremely depressed and her situation has been bleak for a long time – but is heading to crisis stage. She is somewhat hearing impaired and does wear hearing aids; and very confused about what to do. I am afraid they are going to take her kids and with no car, no job, no one to help, and with the loss of her kids – that will be the final straw. Any suggestions???

  35. tiffany says:

    Im a single mother of 2 young children. Im in desperate need of help with my rent. I dont get any child support for my daughter & my sons dad only pays 50 a month & tgat dont go to far these days. I was working up until i was about to have ny daughter & went on maternity leave & Got on tanf. I started career path when my daughter turned 2 months & couldnt find a job while in the program cause most places want you to have an open schudle or at least work until 6 or 7 & i cant because of day care & no one to help me with my kids after day care hours. My career path program ended in aug & got cut off of tanf because i hit my 60 months in oct i just got a little part time job working for an hour and a half a day for $10 a day thatd $300 a month. I got a church to pay my water & avista bills when i got the shut off notice. I cant find any place to help me with my rent & i dont eant to lose my place my landlord has been understanding but i dont think he will be for.mucb.longer since i still owe him for oct & now this month. My children & i have no where else to go. What should i do? How do.i get some help i mean any help would be great.

  36. Dorothy Brewer says:

    I am a single mom on a small disability check once a month doesn’t receive and have never been supporting child from day one. The grandmother who is disabled has try in helping with raising my child. Now that he is attending Technology School I still have to pay for tuition and our bills are behind. I am asking for financial assistance for my family.

  37. annette craig says:

    I’m writting for my niece she has boy and a girl 2 and 4 years old she lost her power today and half to move out of a house she was staying at she works but don’t have any money right now . looking for and organiszation that help a single mom and kids to get a affordable home. she don’t have a car she can’t afford insurance. so does any one know anywhere i could go in charlotte to get her help

  38. Mulysa says:

    I’m a single mother of 3 with my mother living with me. My family has run into a lot of bad luck and I’ve lived threw a lot for someone that has worked so hard in her life to make everyone around her happy. But yet all I get is bad luck. I wish there was a way to make my luck change for the better because I deserve it. I work at a small paied dead end job and can’t even find a decent home for My family. Had big dreams of being a movie star when I was younger but got made fun of and put down so much I gave up on that dream. Now I’m stuck with a lot of struggles and no way to solve them. Not even the people I’ve helped will help me they act as if They don’t know me now. My family is now facing being homeless and I can’t afford to get us a place to live I can’t need Help ASAP

  39. chandi berry says:

    I am mother of three children. I was just seperated from my husband who was mentally physically and emotionally abusive to me. Now we have no where to go. I am not currently working at the moment but can u please help me out. Thanks in advance..

  40. sandra says:

    Hello My name is Sandra and I was granted permanent custody of my three grandchildren 4 in a half years ago. I got them out of the system which took over a year thanks to friends I had a lawyer who did it for free. my grandchildren are my sons. its a long story, I do get very little help. the state I live in goes by my income. I get 280 a month for 3 kids and the state insurance. thank God for the insurance because when I got them they had no immune system at all. always sick. I missed a lot of work. housing is exepense and utilities and I have a vehicle. nothing is for free. I work 40 hours a week plus come home and care for my grandchildren. I need help!!!!! friends do get tired of helping especially when the parents don’t help. all they do is hurt them emotionally, so I don’t let them speak to them. I love my babies but it is getting hard. the youngest has adhd and on meds. and the oldest has a reading and comprehention problem. the middle child is right on track. they try there hardest to help me and make me feel good. all I’m saying grandparents shound have more help. more to say, but I’m very sad.

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