Jobs that Pay More than $10 an Hour

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Finding a job in this economy certainly isn’t easy, and finding one that pays more than $10 an hour can be even more challenging. But if you take the time to search and know how to go about it, you can land the perfect job that actually pays you what you’re worth. You don’t necessarily need a college degree to be able to earn more than $10 an hour. Here are five jobs that pay more than $10 an hour:

1. Factory or warehouse work – You may not necessarily think of yourself as the factory or warehouse type, but there are plenty of jobs you can do in these areas to earn more than $10 an hour. You can even get bonuses for learning various skills. For example, if you take the training and do the certification to become a fork lift driver, you may be able to make a higher hourly wage than if you did not have this certification. You don’t have to be a big, bulky man to work these types of jobs.

2. Call center or dispatcher – It doesn’t take much skill to use a telephone. Most of us do it every day, and both call centers and dispatchers can provide decent paychecks without a lot of backbreaking work. Call center personnel typically deal with customers who call in with problems with their service or bills, while dispatchers generally take calls and send out units to various places. Police dispatchers are probably paid a bit more than dispatchers that work for companies, but all you can do is ask around. Cable companies and internet companies are just two examples of other places where you might be able to find a dispatcher job. Since they also usually have call centers, you may be able to apply for two different positions in one place.

3. Substitute teaching – if you do have at least a bachelor’s degree, you can usually work as a substitute teacher. Of course pay and requirements do vary quite a bit from school system to school system, but it is definitely worth checking out if you have a degree, no matter what your degree is in. If you have children in school, you know also that you’ll be ready to pick them up when they are done at school for the day.

4. Blood drawer – Did you know that it is possible to work in the medical field without having a degree? People who draw blood, also known as phlebotomists, typically earn more than $10 an hour, and often over $15 an hour. Squeamish types need not apply though.

5. Maintenance or grounds keeping – another place you might look for a well-paying job is with the city or town you work in. They usually need people to do maintenance work or take care of the city parks. Universities also need to fill these kinds of jobs. Usually these positions make $10 an hour, although that does depend greatly on where you live and also what kind of place you are applying to.

It is certainly possible to get paid over $10 an hour, even if you don’t have a college degree. Of course every job might not be for you, but there are so many choices that everyone can easily find a position that not only suits them well, but also pays them well.

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