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Are you a recently divorced stay at home mom looking for a job? If you had remained a stay at home mom for several years and suddenly, the circumstances are forcing you to take up a job, it could be a little hard at first. Fear of whether there are job vacancies out there in your area and whether you can get a job without any prior experience could linger in your mind. But the truth is that the situation might not be as hard as you might think. Take one step at a time and before you know it, you will have a job that will lay a strong foundation for starting over after divorce.

A catch-22?

Employers demand people with experience. People just setting out to find work need a job. Does this mean it is going to be a catch-22? That might be the case in many of the places you seek work. But do not lose hope because of such instances. There will be places around they would take in someone with no experience but with ample drive to succeed. Display a positive attitude and ensure you put some references into your resume. Look up extensive information online on what to put as reference when you have not had any job experience.

Two options for divorced moms:

1. Remain a stay at home mom and find a work-from-home opportunity,

2. Go for a traditional day job.

Preferring a work from home job:

If you have an infant at home and worried about leaving him to a babysitter or at daycare while you work, a work-from-home job will be a good option. The freedom you can get from such a job will be helpful. And it is possible. Many think that work-from-home online is synonymous with scams. There indeed are companies with presence in the Internet trying to lure you and grab the cash in your pocket. But the truth is you will be missing out on a lot of legit jobs because of simply shying away from searching for such opportunities. For example, you might want to take a peek in to one of our articles here:Legitimate jobs for moms.

Getting a regular day job:

If you have not had job experience before, that would indeed act as a disadvantage. But do not think it would act as such a huge barrier that you will not even be considered for a job. Your application will be considered no matter your experience. You just need to know how to stand out and make an impression during the interview. Make sure to do a job interview follow up through a phone call, or even a simple e-mail, as it could be one thing that differentiates you from the rest of the job seekers.

Assistance with finding jobs for single mothers:

In case you are at the end of your wits having looked everywhere for a job, try getting aid from “Goodwill” through their “Beyond Jobs” program. As the name of the program aptly describes, in addition to getting you a job, it is aimed at ensuring financial stability throughout your life. Know more about the process and the contact details through this page:

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  1. Valerie Delgado says:

    I wanted to just put something out there and hope to find some kind of help with my circumstances. I am a disabled single mother of two wonderful teenage kids. We are living at UMOM homeless shelter and we have just been given a “housing voucher” by the City of Phoenix and we picked an apartment. And I have been looking desperately for employment and I am attending on-line college full time through Everest College. So, I am making an effort to find some kind of security for my kids after my divorce. What I wanted to ask was if there is any help for furniture donations or help for employment. I am disabled and I am working with vocational rehabilitation for employment but it is a waiting process and my housing voucher lasts for only 3 months. I need everything, because we have nothing for the apartment currently. We are in desperate need of beds and at least a kitchen table and chairs. I called all the furniture stores I know and none of them can help me out at the moment. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and wanted any information that would help out at all with furniture and employment. If you have any ideas or are able to help us out at ll I would really appreciate it so much! I am trying to get on my feet and this is my first help of opportunity to do so. I would love it if you could help me in anyway. I enjoyed this site it was very infromative and I intend on using some of the resources suggested. Thank you and God Bless! I hope the best for all single mothers trying to get back on their feet!! If anyone can help us out with any furniture or employment I would really appreciate it and if there is anything I can do to help in anyway now or in the future I will and I will return the kindness to any single mother I come across.
    Thank you,
    Valerie Delgado

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