Is Your Toddler Driving You Crazy?

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Have you ever heard this phrase from single mothers; “Help, my toddler is driving me crazy?” You probably have and wish there were ways that you could give them a few pointers on how to get their little babies to settle down. There are a variety of different options that are available but you just need to find the right one that you feel would help the single mother. Here are just a few to help stop that phrase ” My toddler is driving me crazy”.

One thing that many single mothers need to realize is that there are certain behaviors within children that are considered universal. Some examples of this include most 5 year olds not wanting to eat their vegetables because they look funny and the ever famous terrible twos that many parents struggle through. Each and every day a toddler wakes up it may seem like they have started on a seek and destroy mission but, in all actuality, they are actually looking for ways to explore their world.

Another big thing that single mothers need to realize is that in order for a toddler to learn they use the hands on, otherwise known as the messy stage, to explore their new environment. They are not doing it to drive the single mother crazy but, instead, they are doing it to learn. It is also their way of seeking power from the mother.

In knowing this there are a few things that you can pass on to a single mother next time you hear from her about the difficulties at home.

One of the first things that you can pass on is to let the single mother know that they can allow their toddler to express power in a way that is acceptable to the mother. To avoid the inevitable mess give the toddler a way to test their sensory perception within a structured environment. One of the greatest ways to do this is to give the child a bucket of soapy water.

Another great thing that the single parent can try is to set up certain areas within their home that have been designated discovery centers for the toddler. Allow them to get into the pots and pans cupboard or the plastic bowl cupboard and allow them to make some noise. This is a great way to alleviate the chance of the toddler finding a new way to treat their desire for learning in a less desirable way.

Finally take a bag and fill it with various mystery items that are toddler age approved then hide them throughout the house. This will not only teach the toddler how to solve problems but also teach them a sense of adventure. They will be quiet for hours while they search for the treasures inside each bag they find.

The next time you hear someone talk about their toddler give the single mother these great and unique ideas. They will be excited that they have found new ways to keep their child happy and they are not as stressed when dealing with their little kid.

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