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I was having dinner with my son last night and asked him how he felt about turning 18 in a couple of days. His witty reply was, “I can buy the lotto.” Now you may think that, based on this answer, all he thinks about is money. But that is farther than the truth.

When he was about five years old, my father offered to take him to Toys R Us so he can pick out whatever toy he wanted. He’s always had a great connection with his grandpa, but having an outing just to get a toy was not the norm. So he told his grandpa, “ You don’t have to spend your money.”  Both my parents were so surprised that such a young kid would say that. Any other child his age would jump in the car and be salivating for his next toy. Of course, they had their special outing and my son happily got his toy.

At that time, I was a recent single mother working as a real estate broker and made a decent income which allowed me to even go on some vacations. I never talked about lack because we always had enough. As a single mother, I always placed great value on sharing love and the importance of feeling good about oneself. “Confidence, assertiveness and believing in yourself are very important in life”, I frequently said to him.

I am so happy I engrained these positive affirmations throughout his entire life because little did I know that the economic downturn in the last few years would cause such a huge impact in our financial security. As a single mom playing the main roles of nurturer and breadwinner, I knew I had to maintain my optimistic nature while going through so much uncertainty. I have cried more than a few times, but suddenly out of the blue, I would get a huge hug, silly smile or a phrase like, “Don’t worry mom, it’s going to be alright.” I never expected my son to be the one to motivate me!

Now looking back at these past two years, I would never trade them for anything in the world because my son has been my greatest motivation to move forward in the new fields of social media, blogging, writing and so much more. It is because of him that I pushed myself to get out there and hustle for something new when all my real estate deals kept disintegrating.

So if he wants to go buy the lotto, I am happy that he can do this. But I am much happier that he is capable of so much more. He is motivated to go to college as he has been applying in various colleges in Florida. We are looking for some grants and financial aid so he can get his dorm and other expenses covered.

It’s hard work to put all this together, but as I tell him all the time, “Follow your dreams and go after what you want.” He smiles at me and sometimes rolls his eyes like a normal teen. But I know he is ready to tackle the world and be successful in his pursuit of a business career. Unless of course, he wins the lotto 😉

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