How To Become A Licensed Home Care Provider

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One of the hottest new careers on the job market today are home care providers. A home care provider is simply a person who provides both health and physical care within their home. This type of care is great for the elderly and disabled and wish to stay within their home rather than a nursing facility. Another great option in the home care provider field is to provide care for those that may be recovering from surgery and need help during this time. The various types of home care providers include the following; nurses, companions, and also therapists. Depending on the type of care provider that you are looking at becoming there are various training that you will have to go through.  Here are just a few ways to become a home care provider.

One of the best and probably easiest would be to become an unlicensed care provider. In this type of home care you will learn what you need to learn to perform your job through on the job training. Some of the on the job training you will receive will include such things as cooking, cleaning, and overall general safety. Most generally the person that you are providing the care for will be able to provide you with this training. However if you feel that you would be more comfortable with a degree you can obtain one by taking a 75 hour course and earn a passing score on the NAHC exam.

Another way that you can become a home care provider is through completing either a nursing training program or other relevant education program and passing the state board test required for the position. Most generally this will be either the LPN state board test or the RN state board test.

You can also seek a job just as a companion and you will not need to worry about the licensing part of the home health care industry. However, if choose to become a companion you still may need to go through some type of training, testing and certification depending on the state in which you reside. You can check with your local Health and Human Services for the requirements for your state.

Finally if you are thinking of becoming a home health provider you may want to consider becoming a physical therapist. However this will take a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy as well as passing both the state and national exams. Also be aware that there are various other requirements depending on the state.

If you are considering becoming a home health care provider you should give one of these great ideas a thought. If you are unable to attend real life classes for your training you will find that there are colleges that will offer training online. The internet is a powerful place to help you obtain even more information on becoming a home heath provider. Go ahead and check the home health care provider field out today.

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    My mom and i could not find a link 4 what we are looking for. need more info on how to get started on becoming a licensed home care provider. This website needs more info and more links

  2. Linda Brock says:

    I also am confused … you mention a 75 hour course & taking a test to get certified … but there is no information on to accomplish this … please help!

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