How to Avoid Being Broke

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Do you often have this moment when you just let out a deep sigh and say ‘I am broke. What can I do?’? If you are this kind of person then you exactly have to things to do.  Being broke is a difficult thing, so you have to do something to get out of that state. One, you should cut down your expenses and two, you can find a source of income – start looking for a job or an additional job if you already have one. If you want, you can do both cutting down your expenses and looking for a source of income.

What you can do is to watch where you spend your money at. Are you the type of person who loves going out with your friends? If you are, you might want to limit the time you go out. It does not really mean that you need to stop going out, there is no fun in that. You just have to limit it, say, if you used to go out twice a week, you can just do it once every two weeks. Or you can start doing it once a week and eventually make it once every two weeks. Or maybe you are the type of person who loves shopping and who wants to have all the latest items in your closet. IF you are this kind of person, then you might want to reconsider shopping. You can dress fashionably anyway even if you don’t buy every single item that has been released. Try mixing and matching what’s in your closet to create a new look. Another thing you can do to avoid being broke is be as practical as you can get. Purchase things that you really need if they are on sale. Make use of the coupons that you have. These common things that you know but you don’t really practice. Do these now and you will not be broke.

Of course you need to do something to earn money to avoid being broke. You can consider getting a new job or an additional job if your schedule and energy can still take it. If you have too much stuff in your house, you can do a garage sale. It is a good source of income and  a good way to clean up your house as well.

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