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First off, if you just lost your home or are about to lose it, be informed that there definitely is help from many places for homeless people and for those who are about to become homeless. Since the amount of assistance information in the Internet can be overwhelming and might take a lot of time to get the right resources sooner, we have decided to put up a neat list over here explaining where you can get immediate help. Please read on for information about resources nearby:

1. 211=Dial 211 and you can get the assistance information in a matter of seconds or minutes. This is a free service and aims to provide quick information about community services to the needy people. As their web site states, in 2009 alone,they have answered more than 16.2 million calls. You can read more about it here or take up the phone and dial 211 right now to get the assistance you need. Your first step towards a better financial situation is just a phone call away.

2. Contact the Local Homeless Assistance Agencies: The contact details and other basic information about the agencies in your state can be accessed through the links below:



http://www.hud.gov/offices/cpd/homeless/index.cfm [excellent resource in HUD web site regarding overcoming homelessness]

3. Contact the local church and see what you can get in the form of immediate assistance,

4. Do not forget to contact the local social services center. You will be able to apply for all forms of government financial assistance through it. If you want to know about the kind of assistance available in your state and for the financial help that you could be eligible for, search in our site for your specific state.When it comes to assistance, it does not just involve cash or the housing assistance but also includes other forms like the energy assistance offered through the LIHEAP program, WIC etc,.

5. Search for “Shelters and Emergency Housing insert your state” to get information on more organizations that help people with emergency housing.

6. You can get the addresses of local homeless shelters through the below directory:


7. If after a few days, you want to move from shelter to a separate house, look into the HUD housing programs. If you do not prefer the public housing, you could go for section 8 housing choice voucher program which gives you rent assistance to a house you choose in the private market.

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  1. alex says:

    Hi I know a person who is a hard worker and she has 7 kids and just lost her job and cant find a new one and she is stressed out. She lost her home and she is staying with her sister and her sister says that she needs to leave by march 1st and she has no where to go if there is a program out there for her to get a new home and a job please email me so i can let her know. She has been looking so much for information but eveyone has a waiting list of about 3 years or more or they have to meet the income requirement of 2x or 3x of rent. Please someone help her she is a good person and deserves her own home. please help her

    • admin says:

      Alex, thanks for paying us a visit. The waiting lists are always gonna be real long and little can be done about it. But one thing your friend can do is share a home with another single mother. Can she do that? When a major part of the income goes towards the rent, sharing expenses with another mother who can also help with the chores and provide emotional support can make a difference. Of course, finding a mother who suits your type and the kids getting along must be considered but the idea is certainly worth giving a try.

      • Brittany says:

        I am in need of help Ive got a 7month old and 4 year old I’m really struggling I’m a young mother and I don’t have no family support it hard for me to get a job because I can’t leave my children

  2. Nikita says:

    Hello my name is Nikita and i have 18 month old son and im pregnant due anyday now. I am soon to be homeless i have no job. I dont know what to do i cant find a job for nothing and so in desperate need of help. Winters coming and i am afraid of staying in a shelter and being outside in the cold with a newborn baby and my son. They are my world and would give my life for them. I dont know what to do. I would go to housing but i ow them a lil bit of money and i cannot reapply till i pay them off. I have no money now and none coming toward me. If anyone who reads this please help me!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. julia says:

    joans was in ny with two children one and two left and has been in florida stuck,homeless,needs to come back to uo-state ny but needs help,need a ministry/organization,to help driving her her with a hitch and her children even if they drive her to jersey and prayer ministries meet and take the rest of way please contact us would ike to be her for holidays,leave asap get family in safe invironment .

  4. janelle swartz says:

    My name is Janelle I have to kid that iam working very hard to get back in may of 2011 I felt wore out. And alone with no support I tryed overdosing and almost succeeded .. thank god that I didn’t I lost my two kids so a very big part of me felt like It did die I lost are home my vehicle. But I realized. That I didn’t need anyone but my kids and that I needed to get up and fight for them I have took care on my own no state assistance I have done everything. I need to do so my kids can come home. But I don’t have the money for memedepositvandfirst first months rent all St one time so. They don’t have a home to come home to if anyone can help with some info or ideas plz help m

  5. kim says:

    my name is kim im 22 years old have 3 kids and im homeless i have no help from their dads i need to find us a place to live so i dont lose my kids.Im also in need of a job.If any one has any ideas or can help me with info or anything plz let me know and thank you.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I want to talk to the author of this article. Please email me so I can have a very frank conversation with you. As for the “help” that is out there, it is not as easy as asking. It is not as easy as even applying and qualifying. Depending on where you live, it can be next to impossible to find and get help.
    2-1-1 — Depending on the day and time you call, you may be on wait for up to 30 minutes. Then, you will get a list of local services.
    Local welfare office — More than likely long long waits up to 6 hours sometimes. This is hard for mothers. But, even if you make it through the wait you will then fill out a 14+ page application. If its accepted you can get a phone interview to then have a face-to-face interview. Again, depending on your region, even after you’ve been completely approved it can take up to 3 months to start receiving benefits. Also, make sure you continue to pay your cell phone bill and have an address or you can’t get benefits.
    Local Social Services — Some Counties’ Social Service Centers won’t help you if you get any Welfare assistance. Assuming you don’t get welfare assistance, you can apply for their program … if you can get ahold of anyone who can actually tell you what services are offered and how to apply.
    But there are always places like “help” of Southern Nevada. You HAVE to fill out their application on line. If you get a hold of anyone there they will tell you they can’t help you until you fill out their application on line which then they will call you back in 3-10 business days. They will only try to call 2 times. If they cannot get a hold of you, you will have to start the whole process over again. So, make sure you have a phone you can be by for up to 10 days. Sometimes 10 days go by and they still haven’t called. You can then email them regarding your application which you will get a response that says they will respond to you. You can call and leave messages for different people in different departments but no one will call you back.
    You can also try to Call the local Catholic Charities in your area but they don’t have anything available in most areas because the need is greater than the amount of resources they have available.
    Please do the research before telling everyone how easy it is. I’m about 2 months from being homeless. In 2008 I had 3 jobs. I was laid off my full-time salaried position and didn’t qualify for unemployment because I also had 2 part-time jobs which have both since been dissolved. I apply almost daily for positions. I have no savings left and 3 kids. I have found NO ONE to help. I did get medical coverage for my children. I get some food, but what I really want is a good job and I’ll pay my own bills. I lost my house and am renting. I NEVER thought it would take this long to find another full time position. AND, I am College Educated.
    So, please tell us where the real help is. I’ve done my research. Unfortunately, I had to do it. I would have never believed all these organizations existed with no REAL help.
    Please pray for me and my children.
    Somehow I will keep us from being homeless but it won’t be because I received any help.

    • MissJane says:

      That is all a FACT! Pregnant, homeless, and unemployed from DV. There are no gas vouchers, or motel vouchers. There aren’t even any empty beds at the four shelters I’ve been calling for three months. And to top it off, if you mention these needs to people, some people become near hostile that there are places where you CAN and WILL get help if you ask! Geez…and I thought I was miserable. Best wishes ladies.

  7. evelyn figueroa says:

    well hi ,my name is evelyn am a single mom of 4 just moved to fl , from pr and are about to be homless with my kids i only recived 289 a month for my kids and actually living with my dad i need help deseperate because dont know what will my housing status will be nedd some answers aqnd links were i can get help

  8. joe says:

    i love it when i see single mothers help. what about single fathers? you never see anything. i am a single father and cant find help for nothing!!! i am disabled just had back surgery looking at more surgeries, and do you think i can find any help? not going to happen. all i hear is sorry, there is a four year waiting list,sorry we are for mothers only. this is crazy. are you people blind? single fathers need help sometimes too!!!

    • Luxdahl says:

      There’s lots of help out there for single fathers there’s grants, gov assistance shelters programs ……. what are you talking about?

  9. Maurishawn Walker says:

    I am a single mother of a soon to be 6 year old boy and I am currently 28 weeks pregnant wth my second.Do to an abusive relationship me and my children have been homeless for the past 6 months in and out of hotels,sleeping in laundrymats etc.I do have a job as a bathroom attendant in a Country bar where I work Thursday’s-Saturday’s for 8 hours I only get paid off of tips I do not get wages so my pay varies from 80 to 160 a month which makes it hard to get stability for my children and without getting any help from my family it’s a struggle trying to provide,house and maintain for my kids.The colder it gets the more stressful the situation becomes I am at my breaking point and desperately in need of help.If you guys could help me or even point me in the right direction I would truly be grateful.

  10. VIRGINIA says:

    im homeless with a 7 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. coming away from a abused relationship. Need help tucson

  11. ashley says:

    I am finding the same dead ends with all the things you tried, I have an 18 month old son and am expecting another baby in about 14 days. My husband just went to prison for 15 years and I am exhausted and ever so discouraged but I have to stay strong for my babies. If anyone lives or knows of anyone in riverside,ca. who would like to share housing/rental expenses please contact me asap. I will be praying for all you awesome single moms who don’t give up.


  12. BreOnna says:

    I’m 19 homeless and I’m due December 31 please help me I’m to the point to where I don’t know where I’m gone sleep the next night….

  13. Rashell says:

    I am 37 with 4 daughters and a son on the way. I am homeless now and looking for ANY type of assistance and its not out there . I was laid off from my full time job shortly after lost my house . And I have no Family to help me and getting another job is nearly impossible now a days. Im not looking for Pity or a Hand out Im asking for a Hand Up I want to work and be able to support my Family on my own and there are no Resources for my family.

  14. Dell Bodden says:

    Hi, I’m a single mother of eight kids living in Florida. I’m about to become homeless. I do not have a job or any family or friends that can help me please provide me with any information possible that could lead to me getting some form of emergency assistance.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I have been put in a terrible spot. My abusive boyfriend just got us kicked out of the home we were living in and within minutes went to jail. I have only been in havasu for 6 months and have no car, phone, home, food, friends, or family. The only resource I have avalliable is the library which closes soon….and I don’t know where I am going to sleep tonight…

  16. kassidy says:

    Hi, Im 19 years old with a two year old son and I’m homeless. I have absolutely nowhere to go please help!

  17. Resha says:

    26 I’m between jobs not looking for a handout just want a better job and a nice hone for me and my 1 year old son. I currently live with my mom but, I have until the end of the year to get out I don’t know what to do I’m on a waiting list. Barely making ends meet I just pray something better comes through fast and I get a decent place Im struggling and his father is not involved at all.

  18. Maria Rodriguez says:

    Hey, my name is Maria and I’m a single mother with a 5 month old. I recently had my child in the state of Tennessee. My whole pregnancy was just unexpectedly stressful. At the time of my pregnancy, I resided with my older sister who apparently did not like the fact that my child was interracial, so she gave me the ultimatum to move or be kicked out. I wanted to stay in Tennessee because I loved my job and I felt like it was the best place to raise my son. Fortunately, my boss at the time was more than willing to give me a place to stay until I found a place for my son and I. Unfortunately, by the time I had my baby, her and my sons father had an affair and again I had nowhere to go. I moved back to the city of Chicago expecting a job transfer that I did not get. To make this very long uncomfortable story short, everything has been going downhill for us and I just want to make things right for my son. I would like to move back to Nashville because I feel in danger living in this horrible city. Is there any help I can look and apply for?

  19. Bardway AKA malti jardia says:

    Hi my name is malti, I have applied for housing 3years waiting I need a house ASAP , because I have two little girls that came from foster care . My oldest is with a father that Is abusive verbally , & uses her for tax & don’t give us a dime , he took her because he don’t want pay child support .to make long story short I need a job & a house I can’t get a job cause child care cause money My girls are afraid that the system is going to get them again ,I want my girls to b happy in a home have their room…I can’t say more but I can’t live with my sister for ever she has teenage girls & one has a boyfriend & don’t want go to school both of them , bad influence does not runs in my vocabulary & the word failure does not neither . Please Help my girls & I .

  20. Tina says:

    Hi my name is Tina, I’m on this for my mother, she currently got out of an abusive relationship and has no where to live with my 12 year old autistic brother. She’s been trying to get assistance at welfare but they keep turning her down this has been going on for a while now. I am in no position to help her myself considering financially I’m not in the best position myself. I need help to help her and my little brother. Please someone contact me with some information on doing so.

  21. ola says:

    Hi, I’m a mother of three. My daughter is twenty and living in New Mexico. My oldest son is just seventeen and is living with friends, while working. My youngest son is sixteen and with me. We are and have been without a home, a car, a job, or any family or friends. My sons have missed school because of our situations. I’m trying to get them enrolled in home school so they can get their education, diplomas, have a future. I need help. I don’t know how to copy forms off the computer to send notorized back to the school. I don’t have enough food. I haven’t had any money for six weeks. I feel like ive never had enough money or anything we needed… Im tired, im so depressed. I don’t think I can walk anymore. I love my children… Ive had a really hard life… always alone.

  22. hope says:

    I am a single mom of two boys I have been homeless for a couple of weeks now. I am staying with a friend but cannot stay here much longer. I have called everywhere to try and find help and can not find any. I’m cutently looking for ajob, but that’s been hard with no transportation. Does anyone know where I can get help.

  23. Mark says:

    Hello my name is Mark and I have full custody of my son. I am currently staying with a friend but am running out of time here and don’t no what to do. I can’t find steady employment and just want to give my son a good life and Home. Can anyone please help me get on my feet.

  24. Angel says:

    My name is Angel I am currently homeless with my husband and five children in the state of RI. Before becoming homeless we tried to get help to prevent it have been trying for three months and now that we are living on the streets still no help
    My town is full of agancies and churches who claim there is help yet here I am with christmas around the corner and motels wont even let us stay for a week because we are to many people. I am at a loss as to what to do anymore so if there are any suggestions please reply this is am emergancie situation. Thank you

  25. Sonja Sanchez says:

    Im a single mother i have one daughter and we are being kicked out of were we are living in one week an we don’t have any place to go can someone help i been looking online and important going to our family services this week can anyone help me maybe some suggestions ???????

  26. Madalie L. Roden says:

    In late April of this year my home I rented got condemned uninhabitable.
    I did receive the moving cost but had no new home to go to so My now 6 year old and 9month old boys had to live of the moving money. Two weeks ago I left my older son and his dad at my mothers to hang out in the yard and play while I took my baby to go shop for school clothes and birthday presents for the older son. While I was gone my boyfriend went down to a neighbors house an had my mother watch my son play outside. Well, I guess my grandmother had been in contact with a social worker who has been looking for me in which I had no idea and told her false information saying I was a resident at my mother’s address. When they came my son was playing in the mud with the neighbor boy through the gate. The neighbors told me my son ran inside my mothers house. They took my son into custody and my mother for two outstanding warrants my boyfriend could do nothing to help not being the biological father of the older son. I had no phone so when I found out by a family member my boyfriend contacted to find me, I called the worker and told me to meet her at my mothers address. When I arrived the sherrifs where waiting there and the worker later arived. The then took my baby out my arms and from my custody. Everything in the report they listed is absurd and false. My main problem is that I myself had no home and no proof to show any evidence to ensure my testimony. Now I’m taking my classes early but still have not found a home to report I can afford up to 550 with help of my boyfriend. The homeless shelter is full and turned us down. A home is the only thing we need. Where can I go. What could I do?

  27. Terria wells says:

    I’ve been homeless with my two kids sleeping under Bridges and in cars for a month please help me

  28. April says:

    I am currently facing homelessness with my three kiddos. There are 2 shelters around here and are full. You have to call every morning to see if any beds are open. Everyday they have been full. I have no family to help, their father will not help and I have no way to pay for daycare. I want to work and do things myself but it seems impossible.

  29. Quintay Moore says:

    I’m 8 months pregnant and needing housing bad I don’t know what to do or go…

  30. Vivian says:

    My name is Vivian and I’m a 38 year old mother of a soon to be 3 month old baby girl. I am on the verge on bankruptcy since I have moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming last year. I currently live with the babies father, but will soon change in a few days/weeks and I will have no place to go with my baby Ava. I don’t have a job and barely get any financial support from my bf, mainly a free place to live and some food. I have cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma) and my treatments will luckily be ending soon! Due to not having a job, enough money, and food to eat I have lost weight due to stress, not being able to pay off my 40k debt and no one here to help me with my baby Ava. I have offers to stay with family for up to 2 months, but after that I will be on my own again. Please help!

  31. Lashaee says:

    Hi I’m currently homeless been without a place to stay for 9 months sleeping in my car with two kids currently pregnant I’ve been waiting for shelter and other services but still no luck I don’t know what to do I don’t want to loose my kids I just need help I’ll be having my baby soon and we’ll be sleeping in my car. If anybody know anybody or anything to help us please let me know !!

  32. Brittney Patterson says:

    Hello I am a single mother of two girls age 7 and 5, and currently 3 months pregnant. Due to circumstances we had to move in with my mother who is used to living alone in her 3 bedroom home and told me she wants us out by November 30, that’s only a month and a half away. We have no where to go and I don’t know what I am going to do. I work but hotel rooms are so expensive I can not afford them on top of trying to provide for my children. I don’t receive food stamps, vouchers, child support and any other government assistance and I am already living check to check. The stress builds as the days count down. If anyone could help i would really appreciate it. I have been looking into shelters, HUD housing and etc but everything has such long waiting list, time that I don’t have. If you know of anything available please let me know, thank you.

  33. wanda triplett says:

    hi to who this may concern, I am 65 and disabled and my son is 46 and he has Parkinson and he is disabled. we came to ohio to live with my cousin. but now we aren’t able to stay because she needs help to. all I want is for me and my son to be able to move back home in Oklahoma but we don’t have the money to move back home, please, please if there is some one out there that could help us get back home I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart please some one help us, thank you.

  34. Kat says:

    Help.. I am at a loss.. my friend has a autistic son that is 5 and a one year old son, she is homeless and have stayed and exceeded most welcomes by people that where along to help her including her own family.. I don’t k ow what I can do to help her since I to am pretty much homeless.. i am staying with my mother and my mother will not help her anymore due to thievery and over use of marijuana. My friend just got out of a abusisive relationship that almost took her life .. she only got out of the relationship because he was arrested for strangling and beating her.. she was doing really well with seeking help until her own mother kicked her and the boys out of their home. Her brother lives there now and he won’t even let the babies sleep in the house where it is warm because he is too high on spice to care… I am crying so hard for my friend right now and wish I could help her .. but she is beyond the help I can offer.. she had a job and was getting her life on track then it all spiralled out of control and down ward after she lost her job and was kicked out of her house by her own mother mind you her mother was never there for her and never once tried to help her while she was being beaten and bruised, never once showed any initiative to take to boys until she was finally starting to get her life on track.. and her ex was arrested.. I fear for my friends life still to this day.. she is sleeping in a shed with her two boys tonight and I fear for the boys safety and health .. she spends most her money on pot and sometimes dosent even have enough to buy necessities for the boys or herself.. but marijuana seems to be the only thing that helps her emotionally at all.. please please help….

  35. lauren hill says:

    I’m a single mother and ive been sleeping in a vehicle wih my two boys I have put applications in everywhere I am also taking care of their uncle who has cancer I am desperately seeking work i don’t know what else to do

  36. jasmine says:

    Hi i am 27 my son is one looking for work i just moving to Florida for the better also homeless just looking for housing assistants and a good job to better the living arrangement’s for my son we have been here a month now just want better or some options for us to choose from please reach out if you see better help thanks and god bless the needed Family’s.

  37. Arnell williams says:

    Hi my name is arnell … I am looking for assistance of some kind if not I would like to know if there are any resources available for my children they are 6 months 5 years old and 2 years old my five year old just started school. While dealing with an active eviction notice to vacate within a month and my car in repossession review I need some type of assistance. I’ve looked into shelters group homes family homes all are full or aren’t receiving anything to even help. Now I am here I realize if I have to start over I will but my kids will suffer they are innocent please someone read this and help I just want them to be ok they are just boys

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