Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

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Get assistance to get decent housing:

Housing assistance is available for single mothers and for all families meeting the income requirements set by the local housing agency. Apart from being available to needy families, assistance is also offered to elderly and the disabled. Families who demonstrate non-affordability of housing will be eligible to apply for assistance. Applicants can make use of either the public housing units or choose to rent a house in the private market. Those opting for privately-owned housing will be provided assistance through the housing choice voucher program. The other name given to this particular program is the section 8. As part of the housing choice voucher, approved tenants will be required to pay only the difference between the actual rent and the amount of monetary help offered by housing agency. You can also choose to remain in your current residence and pay the rent using voucher, provided your landlord agrees to it.

In the case of public housing, rather than allowing you to choose a shelter in the private market, you will be provided a safe and sanitary place in one of the government-owned properties. As there are limited housing resources in the hands of each agency, long waiting lists are very common. On rare occasions, families could get assisted immediately, especially if they are facing a crisis. Families demonstrating the greatest need will be given priority and offered housing assistance as soon as resources in subsidized housing project become available. Once your application gets considered for housing assistance, an eligibility interview will be conducted by the housing authority’s representative.

The application process:

Get started on receiving housing assistance by contacting housing agency [HA] in your area. A full list of agencies and their contact information can be found in the page below:


In addition to basic and financial information, local HA will also require you to submit contact details of previous landlords. Information from such contacts can be sought so as to verify if you are a tenant who will not cause disruption to other families living in the housing project. Requirement documentation to verify the information provided by the applicant includes but not limited to birth certificates, tax returns and pay stubs.

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  1. laura majchszak says:

    what do you do if they denie you low income housing, due to a car accident my 17 yr. old son hah and the other partys insurance company sued him and because he was a minor put the judgement on my credit score, which I was told that due to my credit score they wont rent to me until its paid off or taken off my credit report? I dont know where to turn

  2. Shana Augustus says:

    I’m a single mother of 5. I’ve been trying to find ways to save my house for over 2 years. I’ve exhausted myself. I had a loss of income two years ago and was unable to keep an in-house workout option with my mortgage company and to stop the foreclosure I had to file chapter 13 but was unable to make those payment so the stay was lifted and the chapter 13 was converted to a chapter 7 and cleared all my debt which included the house. Now I was told that mortgage companies do not want you to lose your home. I am trying to pay the debt that’s owed on my house so I can keep it. I have no debt, my hardship is over, I just got a judgment for the child support I lost and an income consignment order along with rental income that I have been receiving now for 6 months. I’ve worked for the state going on 6 years and have stable income that I can pay the mortgage. Is there anything I can do to help me keep my home? The original loan is an adjustable rate mortgage. I understand I owe 29 payments but seem like if they restructured my mortgage and add the amount I owe back into the mortgage it would be in their best interest since selling it at a foreclosure won’t recoup the money owed since the property went into my bankruptcy. I’d like to understand how nothing can be worked out based on all the information I just gave.

  3. Laney says:

    Don’t know if there is a Federal Section 8 different from the State program, but when I went to the State program in my State (NY), there was a notice saying as of December 10, 2009, it wasn’t accepting any new applications. So if you’re in the program, congratulations. If not, good luck.

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