Help for Single Mothers in Washington State

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If you are a single mother and are looking for financial help, you have come to the right place. In Washington, assistance is offered to all eligible individuals and families who need a helping hand to attain self-sufficiency. Read on to know more about such opportunities in your state:

1. TANF program:

If you have dependent children at home, you could qualify for the TANF program. This allows families to receive monthly cash benefits that could help a great deal with their expenses. Although this is short term assistance from the government, no doubt this will be the first step towards rebuilding your financial stability. Any applicant of this program must meet income and resource limits to be eligible for benefits. Visit the Community Services Office to get application, or download it online from the comfort of your home. You can get to know from the case worker at the office about whether you meet the income and resource limits. For more details and application, visit

2. Food benefits – the food stamp program in WA:

Food stamps in WA can help you with getting healthy food for your family and also help save a few hundred dollars each month. Apart from the food stamps, keep in mind that you can also make use of the WIC program which is available for pregnant women and young children. WIC aims at providing most nutritious food to those who need it. Readers are advised to read the specifics of the program in the official page here – Income limits for Basic Food and WIC .

3. Financial assistance for child care services:

The Working Connections Child Care Program is responsible for assisting families with affording the best child care service for their kids. The participants are required to make a co-payment, and the amount you will have to pay would depend on the household income. Note that this is available not only for the currently employed but also for those who are about to enter the workforce. If you are currently unemployed but have commitment to find work, apply for this daycare subsidy. To be eligible for government benefits, you will be required to participate in work activities until you gain employment. For more information, visit

4. Free or affordable health insurance for children and adults:

For Children: If your kids do not yet have health insurance, it is time to enroll them in the “Apple Health for Kids” program which provides free or affordable insurance. Those who are at or below 200% Federal poverty level need not have to pay any premiums while those above that level will have to make premiums each month. Needless to say,the premium you have to pay will depend on the household income. Hence, most affordable monthly premiums to any family participating in this program. Read the FAQ

Affordable insurance for Adults:

As for the insurance for adults who have been finding it too hard to afford a private insurance,they can get help through the “Basic Health” program which is state-sponsored. This will be very affordable to all participating families as the premiums are going to vary based on the family income. For application forms and more:link

5. Rental assistance through Section 8:

Section 8 housing choice voucher program provides assistance with rent so that families are able to find a safe and comfortable housing. Contact the public housing agency nearby to apply for this:contact

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